"As I See It" Columns by Captain Fred

Captain Fred has shared his musings for years in his "As I See It" column.



Remembering Captain Fred Davis


Captain's Last Voyage


Shutdown Shame


Robos Are Rolling Over All Of Us


A Not So Happy Year


Firefighting-A Family Tradition


Let It Snow


Shop Around


Voting Is a Privilege


The Art of Growing Old


Cardiac Rehab Is Great


Season Changing Or Is It?


Can You See It?


Summer's Almost Gone


Our Phones Are Held Captive


Give Way To Lights and Sirens




Welcome Summer


Tiny Printer


Political Discord


Hard Decisions


Storm Aftermath


Young People Will Lead The Way


Do You Know Your Secret Code Number?


Great Winter Olympics


Shrinking Dollar


Wintertime Past and Present


Happy New Year


A Chat With Santa


Check Your List


Happy and Safe Shopping


On The Road Again


We Need Political Change


Recovery Phase


Great To Have The Best


Heading South


Ghosts and Goblins, Oh My


Weather Yo-Yo


Football Frenzy


Is America Mentally Ill?


Actions Are Needed


Fall is a Good Time to Plan


Historic Storms


Harvey Misery


Pets Communicate


Help is Nearby


Summertime Fun and Cautions


What's Up With the Weather?


No Progress


How Fast Are You Driving?


Thumb Comes Alive


Frustrating For Sure


News and Events


Safety On Land


Choices to Be Made


The World of Medicine


What's In Your Pantry?


It's Good To Be Back in Huron County


Food Labeling Maze


Visiting the Wild West


Travel Not So Easy


Are You Going On Vacation?


Chores Await


I Really Keep Busy


Snowbirds On The Wing


It's Spring (Or Is It?)


Modern Electronics Are So Frustrating


A Bad Experience on The Road


More Traffic, More Enforcement


Respect Is Missing


Chatting Has Come a Long Way


Driving Is Just Not The Same


A Dark Cloud Over My Head


Let The President Get To Work


Fix It Yourself


Let's Ensure Citizen Safety


Presidential Promises, Promises


Let's Start Over


Have a Very Merry Christmas


It's a Mad Dash


Lights All Aglow


I've Got Mixed Emotions


We Are Thankful


Do You Like Your Job?


Our Country Has Made a Decision


It's Time To Vote


Tricks and Definitely Treats


Election Time Draws Near


The Good and Very Bad of Weather


Time To Tune In


Fall Chores Start Outside


Summer Is Gone


Is it Really Breaking News?


Our Country is Great


Can it Be Labor Day Already?


Rio de Janeiro Stepped Up To Win


Concerns About Boating Safety


Thank Goodness For The Olympics


Stalemates Not Acceptable


"How 'Fresh' is That Food?"


Summertime Fun in The Thumb


Our Country is Troubled


Poor Behavior Equals Disrespect


Welcome Summer Guests


You Can't Beat Farm Fresh


Beware of Scams


The Summer is Launched


Michigan's Thumb Comes Alive


It's The People's Choice


Let's Put On a Happy Face


Beware of Product Recalls


It's Going to be a Great Spring and Summer


So Much For Miracle Cures


Where is The Democracy?


Phil Got The Forecast Wrong


Attitude Adjustments Work


We Must Stop The Carnage


Everyone Is Watching


Green is Where You Find It


Be Careful When You Shop


Debaters Garner Little Respect


A Loud Trumpet Call in New Hampshire


There Was a Circus In Iowa


An Interesting Trip To The Grocery Store


I've Had Enough Debate


Our People Are Strong


Resolutions and Reality


It's a New Year!


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


Christmas Is Almost Here


Soggy Shopping


Do We Need Driverless Cars?


A Better Idea For Turkey Day


Do You Remember When?


Can You Hear Me Now?


A Review Of The Debates


Have Fun, But Be Careful


Fall In The Thumb Is Fabulous


A Confusing Time Of Year


Mother Nature Rules The Globe


A Great Visit From A Great Man


It's Fall, And Time To Get Busy


It's Not Politics As Usual


It Was A Long Weekend


Summer Will Continue


Is It Over?


Closed Beaches, Closed Beaches


Parade Of Elephants


Our Tax Dollars Are Wasted


Sights To See In The Thumb


Warm Weather And A Road Trip


Boom, Boom, Blast!


Owners Are Responsible For Their Guns


Not a Fan of Automation


No Jobs Or No Applicants?


We Can't Read The Small Print


Great Start To The Summer


The Thumb Is Looking Great


Good Politics and Justice Missing


Coins Are Only For Collectors


Is Violence The New Normal?


It's Time For The Snowbirds To Return


Poor Sports Ruining Our Games


It Will Be Good To Be Back


Respect, Courtesy Still Exist


What Is Up With The Weather?


With Care, Autos Can Last Longer


Coming Clean With Our Products


Electronics Are Changing Everything


Cold Winter Brings Back Memories


It's Probably Time I Ate My Words


Young People Have Fewer Role Models

Better Watch What You Eat


It's Time To Start The Big Game


We're Watching Our Lifestyle Slip Away


The Thumb Is Looking Good


Obamacare Has Problems


2014 Is a Year of Local Recovery


Finishing The Rush Before Christmas


I Had a Really, Really Bad Day


Driving The Distance To Protest


Medical Care is Changing


Ringing Up The Cell Phone Chatter


Vote No on Negative Campaigns


Meteorologists Take A Stab At It


Gas is Cheap, Halloween is Fun


Boo - And Merry Christmas


It Was a Long Sunday Afternoon


It's Hard To Believe All These Ads


Conveniences, Or Are They?


A Letter To Youngsters


You Can Spend Lots of Time Shopping


Drivers Need To Pay Attention


School Replaces Another Summer


Media Paints a Racist Picture


Let's Reduce Gun Carnage


We Can't Live Without Electronics


So Many Questions To Answer


Living With Life's Frequent Irritations


It's Time To Tackle The Violence


We Can't Solve All of The World's Problems with American Tax Dollars


It Was an Entertaining Weekend


Blast Off For Fourth of July


Can We Put a Lid on The Cookie Jar?


Toll Roads Are The Way To Go


Our Leader Follows Different Laws


Nice To Have Good Health Care


We Must Expect The Unexpected


Aggravation Caused By Drivers, Phones


We Cherish Our Great Friendships


NBA Owner Has Many Battles


Should The Captain Go Down With His Ship?


Our Military Should Stay Closer To Home


Another Birthday Passes


Remember The Cool Stuff?


Does Anyone Really Care?


Too Much Missing Jet Coverage


Where Does All The Time Go?


The Joys of Daylight Savings Time


What a Difference a Week Makes


I Can't Let The Olympics Go


Wow, What a Wild Week


Beware of Another Computer Scam


What is a Beiber, and Should I Care?


It'll Be a Big Money Weekend


What Are We Doing To Ourselves?


Do Some Research, Then Shop Local


Sports Fans Had a Great First Week


Looking Back at Negative Events


So Long To a Not-So-Bad 2013


Christmas Traditions-Old and New


We Have To Go Shopping


A Very Long, Scary Drive


Use Caution When Buying Products


They Are At It Again


We Will All Soon Be Out of Work


Can Anyone Explain Obamacare?


Michigan Fans Are The Best


Colorful Fall, Chores and a Holiday


Congressional Deal or No Deal?


Scams Keep Popping Up


Let's Furlough Them All


An Update on The Hitch


What is Not a Time Saver


Did You Feel That Chill in the Air?


The Law Says to Ditch Your Hitch


A World of Privacy or Piracy?


Some Bits and Pieces


Has Anyone Seen Al?


National Watermelon Day


Vacation in Huron County


The News Offers Contrast


Let's Redirect Education Funding


Huron County-Revived!


Taking Pride in The Fourth of July


Make Boating Safety a Family Affair


Let's Buy Gas at The Best Price


Snoops in our Federal Government


What's in Our Food, For Thought


Summer Has Arrived in Thumb


We Need More Warnings


It Was Better Back in The Old Days


We Need More 'Home' in Our Security


Mother Nature Was Messing With Us


Terror is Becoming a Way of Life


Back to the Wild West


A Closer Look at The News


Happy Easter, Happy Spring


Bits and Pieces


This Call Was a Wrong Number


Electronics Equal Obesity


Cut The Travel Expenses


Winter in South Florida


I Enjoy The Responses of Readers


Car Pooling Would Help A Lot


Let's Look For "Made in America"


It's Time to Pass Gun Legislation


Where's The Honesty?


Gadgets Will Be Our Demise




Time For a New Year


A Sad Holiday For Many


Have a Jolly Ollie Christmas


Is There Any Good News?


We Don't Deserve This Attack on Our So-called Entitlements


It's Been an Unusual Fall


Don't Blame it on the Elders


Sandy Meets Halloween


Debate or Tigers?


Where Did All The Water Go?


It was Great To See A Friend From The Past


Fall Has Disappeared


Head South For Color


We Need More Trade Schools


I Have Plenty of Issues


Is World Peace Slipping Away?


Do You Observe The Law?


Political Conventions Unnecessary


Will The Weather Gods Be Nice?


Think About What You Did Today


Aren't The Olympics Great?


Recent News Items


Sadness Overwhelmed Us


Do People Pay Attention to What They Say?


MDOT Evaluations Inaccurate


There's Plenty To Do Around Here


Happy Birthday USA


We Are No Longer The Land of Plenty


Keep Looking For Good Service


The Speed of Electronics


Tourist Weather Has Arrived


It's Time To Slow Down


Some More Helpful Gadgets


Electronics Hard to Keep Up With


Customers Beware


Port Austin Needs Harbor Work


Do You Need a Handgun?


Remember Your Friends


Stop The Media Circus


Mistakes at the Top


Respect is Missing


Some Changes Not For The Best


Too Much Government


Lots of Questions


No Debate, It's Wrong


Let's Be Realistic


Watch Out For Ripoffs


The Florida Primary


Poor Judgement at Sea


A Look Back


Do You Know Who Pays For Your Vote? You Do


If You Can't Do The Job, Don't Apply


It's All Over For This Year


Not a Creature Was Stirring


It's That Time of the Year Again


We Need Our Traffic Lights


Are You Giving Money Away?


Do We Need a Flat World?


Be Thankful This Holiday Season


Look Around, See the Changes


So Long, Andy Rooney


A Special Holiday


Let's Go Back To Get Ahead


Changing of Seasons


It's Pretty Much a Circus


Small-town Living


Reflections & Remembrance


Who Is On Top Now?


Good Night Irene


What a Weekend


Let The Race Begin


What Does Finger-pointing Solve?


It's Over. Really?


Electronics Rule The World


Are We The World's Keeper?


Good Old Summer Time


Find The Time


I Miss My Picture


The Best and The Worst


Drugs Can Be a Real Pain


They Are At It Again


Weather Gods Are Mad!


Educators Need Support


Gas Prices Are Sky-high, But Are Today's Times Really So Hard?


The Giant Woke


Another Trip To The West


Can We Have Enough Security?


How Big is Big?


More Unbelievable Events


Let's All Take a Cut




Will Anything Change?


Some Things Really Bug Me


We Can't Fix It


What Can We Believe?


Changes and More Changes


Need to Say it Again


Stop and Look


Did You Watch It?


A Nation Grieves


New Year's Resolutions, Superstitions and other Silly Notions


Hopes For 2011


Happy New Year 2011


Season of Giving


Christmas Shopping Challenges are Often Self-inflicted


Ms. Turanor PlanetSolar


Millions of Dollars at Work for PA Harbor


It's The Little Things That Count


They're Gone-But It's Not Over


Two Big Events Approaching


Autumn Color


Did you see The Miracle?


Time to Stir the Pot?


Public Safety Issues


Humor is All Around


Remember and Reflect




Remember When


Like, as I, like, see it


How is Health Care Reform Going to Help?


PA Waterfront Looking Good


Who's in Charge?


I'm Troubled


Unemployment a Tough Issue


Are We Nuts?


Big Bang a Big Success


I Have a Beef With Big Companies


Readers Got It Wrong


The Long Ride Home


Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Where Has Integrity Gone?


Great To Be Back-Again


As I See It: I Wanted To Let You Know


Do We Need a Flat World?


A New Way To Communicate


The Future of Communications


As I See It: Buy American


As I See It: Is Everything Disposable?


More Good From the Bad


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