"Congressional Deal or No Deal?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, October 21, 2013

There is going to be a deal! I know this because I heard a “pollyticion” say so on TV and another one said the same thing on the radio today.

As I write my column, the news on the radio went on to say the House and Senate were going to take a break from their “talks” and be given some “time” to determine what to do.

Take time? How much time will it take? Have they not had years to make the necessary decisions being asked of them? If our elected Congress could not agree on what is best for our country in the past year, past months, why would we expect them to make decisions in a few days?

We voted our representatives into office to fill positions of serving. The intent, at least mine, was to put people in office to represent our best interest. In no way did we anticipate they would squabble and argue with one another when it was necessary they work together for the good of all citizens.

No one I speak to regarding the subject denies we must lower our debt. We need to stop spending our grandkids’ futures. This is the most important subject to address — and has been for years. So why has no progress been made to accomplish it? If the problems we face today, yesterday and tomorrow are not new, why have we not resolved them? What have our elected officials been doing?

Each individual congressperson should have matched the 21 hours spent by Sen. Ted Cruz being a fool and wrote down what they felt would be the best way to move our country forward. Putting partisanship aside, they should have met and reviewed all ideas submitted. They could have picked a plan thought to be the best and voted on it. The conditions of the vote should have been clear; no other considerations could be added to the bill.

It’s obvious the day has passed when a bill may be submitted without amendments and voted upon without promises made toward one another. That is why so much time has passed without an agreement. It’s necessary that a clean bill, with no addendums or attachments of any kind, be brought forward. Allowing additional “time” to make crucial decisions is simply stalling.

By the time this column goes to press, I hope some of the urgent issues have been addressed and solved — likely with extensions. Regrettably, the extensions will be yet another stall to do the same thing this Congress has been doing since elected — nothing!

As I see it, my column will be read with a few certainties determined:

1. Not all or even several problems have been resolved.

2. The sun came up today.

3. The sun will set today.

4. Our Congress will likely debate numbers 2 and 3.




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