"Cardiac Rehab Is Great"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, October 6, 2018

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to change many activities in my lifestyle.

One of the most pleasant was to return to Scheurer Medical facility. My wife and I both reenrolled in their cardiac rehab program. How could that be pleasant you may ask? If you have never been involved in such a group program, you may not understand.

Let me explain how the particular Cardiac Rehab at Scheurer works.

We had been enrolled last summer and fall after our cardiac events for a prescribed 36-week rehab program. We had to suspend half-way through when we went to Florida. After our return, when we wanted to reenroll, our insurance would not cover it because of the time lapse

We talked to the director of the program, Sue Deering, and she was able to offer us two days a week on a special program. It would enable us to complete our prescribed 36 weeks and we could pay direct for the services provided.

Pat and I discussed the advantages and recognized we could improve our physical conditions by participating. We knew what equipment was available and how to use it and welcomed the offer to have supervision. One of the greatest incentives that encouraged us to reenroll was knowing we would be working with the same dedicated therapist that were there last year.

Here is how it goes.

When you arrive your baseline vitals are recorded followed by warm ups. On our program we get to choose which equipment we want to use. There is a machine called a “New Step” that exercises arms and legs at the same time. We usually do 15 minutes on those than move to a “Recumbent Bike” which is somewhat like a “Nordic Track Bike,” but a bit easier. There are two of them and a couple variations on the “New Step.” There are two treadmills if you enjoy walking and Pat has said that does the best job for her heart rate.

There are multiple weight machines and a rowing unit that Pat likes to use because it is easier on her feet.

We usually do fifteen minutes on three different machines and the therapist stop by and check our heart rates and blood pressures. After working out we go through a cool down check list and final vitals check.

We really enjoy chatting with our fellow participants and watching their progress as they improve. We are on a friendly, first name basis with most of those whom we see during our time period. Some are really in tough shape when they start but it isn’t long before they begin to look a lot better.

By far our favorite part of attending the sessions is visiting with therapist — Sue, Tammy and Liz because they are so warm and receptive to any concerns or inquires. Maybe that’s why patients bring them muffins and cupcakes – in spite of their protest.

We have passed by our 36-week goal but are not interested in calling it done. We think the program is essential to our continued good health. It truly amazes me that some people who have had cardiac events do not take advantage of the rehab opportunity. As I see it, they just have no idea what they are missing. Capt. Fred Davis is a retired charter captain and nationally published author of boating articles. "As I See It" columns appear bi-weekly in the Huron Daily Tribune.

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