"What is a Beiber, and should I care?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, February 7, 2014

Apparently a Bieber is an animal that believes he can do anything he wants to. Why? He really believes the answer is — because I can.

Two weeks ago, Justin Bieber stormed Florida and caused big problems, not necessarily for him but for many others. The owners of a club on Miami’s South Beach were subjected to police inquires when they allowed the Bieber into a VIP area of their establishment. A large flashing display above the doors to the club read, “You must be 21 years old to enter.” The Bieber, as the whole world knew, was only 19 years old while on his Florida spree.

For some reason the youngster thinks because of his “star” status and the fact he is beloved by multitudes of young ladies, he is entitled to special treatment.

While having fun in Miami, he rented a Lamborghini, said to cost $ 2,000 a day by the media, who were tracking his every move. How wonderful that the young man can afford such an extravagant indulgence.

I found it disturbing however that he felt it would be all right to drag race using a rented car, on a residential avenue. He disregarded the speed limit, partially blocked off the street he chose to race on and managed to get the attention of law enforcement. I can relate all of these events because I am just a few miles from Miami and can assure you that every news media station on TV carried a detailed account of the action.

After the Bieber was stopped by the police and they discovered his license was suspended, he felt the need to verbally abuse the officers. That action got him arrested and during his interrogation he admitted that he had drank a beer, smoked marijuana and topped off with a few pills.

He was subsequently booked, jailed and made appearances for the media in his orange, prison jump suit. The Miami Police Department had to defend its actions at a later press conference. He soon contacted his high-priced lawyer and managed a reasonable bond, which gained his release in a little more than three hours. As soon as he appeared, he jumped onto the roof of his limo to smile and wave to the horde of paparazzi. He should have lowered his head in embarrassment instead of waving and smiling. After he departed, a TV helicopter tracked him for miles all around Miami’s streets.

It was not to be the end of trouble for businesses in Miami. When his fans learned where he was staying, the area was soon mobbed by them. The lodging establishment’s ability to service their other guests ground to a halt while fans and media surrounded every move that was made.

I believe the TV coverage for hours on end was totally unacceptable. All regular programming came to a halt. The antics of the youngster were even covered by CNN to the exclusion of all other news. It really stretched the expression: “It was a slow news day.”

So this is the young man all our teens are looking up to? It would seem if he has such a large fan base he would want to advise his followers to avoid abusing themselves — not demonstrate and admit how he did so. Laughing and smiling about the consequences of his bad behavior shows everyone he feels no responsibility to his supporters or fans.

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