"I've Got Mixed Emotions"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, December 3, 2016

I’m still feeling thankful, very thankful I did not get caught up in that record-breaking holiday traffic. Hope all those travelers made it back home safe and hope the next group traveling for the big holiday will travel safe also.

If we broke records for Thanksgiving, what’s it going to be like on Christmas? The online people: Amazon, Google and many retailers, got crushed on “Cyber Monday.” Seems like everyone is in a shopping mood. Brick and mortar stores will soon be chuck full because some folks still like to put their hands on what they purchase.

During the long Thanksgiving weekend and extending into the next week, the Cuban population in our country and their homeland, both celebrated and mourned the passing of Fidel Castro. In Cuba most of the population able to attend paid homage to the only leader many of them ever knew.

South Florida, centered in Miami, exploded with joyful displays and demonstrations, with partying going on all night after the announcement of Fidel’s death.

Most of our populace of late, unlike the Cuban people I described, think when anything takes place that doesn’t suit them, they should take to the streets and protest abusively. I’m beginning to believe, as others have mentioned, there are professional protesters making huge sums of money from our country’s division and malcontent.

Without taking sides, I fail to understand why those demonstrating, for any reason, believe they have the right to break windows and doors and help themselves to goods from local businesses. Many of those causing chaos seem to have no connection to the issue that created an excuse to demonstrate. Setting fire to police cars, shooting one another and burning buildings cannot be recognized as “peaceful”.

When firefighters respond, they often watch helpless because the protesters block their access and even damage their equipment by cutting their hoses.

As I see it, we are approaching the biggest, most joyful holiday season of the year. It could be a great time for everyone to step back and absorb what has been going on. Shootings, arsons, breaking and entering’s, car thefts, murders, and out of control drug use is perhaps the cause of much of it. Every community in our country is feeling the effects of these out-of-control actions.

Why not focus on finding a way to help control all the abusive behavior? If we all concentrate our efforts, reach out to those we know are troubled and help them find assistance, it could make a difference and perhaps save a life.

Remember when you head out to join the shopping melee, after hearing all my above concerns, be cautious and aware of those around you. Be especially careful with your personal data but have fun and don’t spend too much, save enough for the Christmas feasting.

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