"We Don't Deserve This Attack on Our So-called Entitlements"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, November 30, 2012

Here we go again! Today it’s falling off the fiscal cliff; tomorrow let’s cut the entitlements, and the next day get rid of Obamacare. When will it ever cease?

I recall hearing repeated discussions on all of the above in the past year. The excuses being used today seem the same as those in the past. Don’t we deserve a few new reasons for inaction?

Has everyone forgotten what happened when they visited the polls? It seems as though after billions of dollars were spent on the election, a few changes in the federal government plans would occur. How did any of those elected ever find a seat in the House or Senate without a plan to relieve some of the pressures on the electorate?

We have been told taxes will be raised; we have also been told taxes will not rise. I would just like to know, which is it?

We’re told increasing taxes on the wealthy will keep them from hiring new employees. The question I have is, what type of jobs were they planning on offering? If they don’t offer the unemployed the jobs they want, at the pay rate they expect, they won’t apply.

If you question that statement, keep an eye on the help wanted ads; many jobs are listed for long periods of time. Many people drawing extended unemployment benefits declare there are no job offerings in their trade but refuse to learn a new trade. They consider they are entitled to free pay, but for how long?

There are job offerings with trade training included. There are training classes in many trades offered; paid for with government funding. If many of the unemployed refuse to help themselves, why is it the taxpayer’s responsibility to care for them? Obamacare has been a contentious point in Congress for years now. My question regarding its enactment is: Will the same people who refuse to learn a new trade or accept a lower pay rate get Obamacare’s free health care coverage? If so, why?

People expected to be hardest hit by proposed changes are the retirees. After working, paying taxes, funding what are now referred to as entitlements, they are in the front lines to receive cuts. It’s not bad enough many lost their insurance and other benefits because employers had to cut back or went out of business, they can’t even stretch savings they put away over the years.

Banks don’t need their money on deposit; they make enough lending and adding on exorbitant charges. In the past, money could be earned on savings; today some have to pay just to keep funds on deposit. It appears taxes will rise on any profits made on stock investments. This move is supposed to hit the wealthy but many retirees, unable to earn money on their savings, invested in the market. They will be hardest hit because the wealthy have legions of tax accountants to help them avoid paying higher taxes.

The attacks on entitlements, a term poorly defined, is unfair and unjust. Those who supported this country by working and paying taxes for decades should not be punished.

A better plan would be to find out how much was borrowed from the Social Security funds by Congress over the years. Launch an investigation to seek out the responsible entities that received those funds and make the agencies or persons pay back the debt with interest. Doing so should go a long way in solving our present day financial crisis.



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