"Lots of Questions"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, March 3, 2012

My column is titled, “As I See It,” not “As I Understand It.”

Every news report about the presidential race seems to reflect a totally different view. Maybe that is why TV viewers often affectionately refer to commentators as “Talking Heads.”

A good example occurred last night while I was watching one of the news channels. One reporter stated, “There is no way Mitt Romney could lose his home state,” (I presume he meant Michigan). Another reporter, on the same channel seemed to have a different view. Everyone had conceded the winner-take-all state of Arizona was in Mitts corner before the election and he did add 29 delegates to his collection.

Sure glad I am still non-partisan which means I can seek answers to some questions I have in mind. If you happen to see any of the people I mention and get a chance, you’re welcome to ask these questions of them. Just drop me a note with the answers.

My first question is for the so-called frontrunner who claims to be Michigan’s hometown representative.

“ Mitt, if you claim Michigan as your hometown, do you own any property in our state? Didn’t you abandon Michigan years ago? In fact, didn’t you vote to let Michigan’s auto companies claim bankruptcy? And, didn’t you vote against the government bail-out of the auto industry?”

I can’t quite get my mind around the UAW being so supportive of President Obama. And my questions are:

President Obama why are you taking credit for saving the auto industry? Sure you may have helped, as we all did, because you used our money. Why are you so opposed to the Canadian Tar Sands Oil pipeline? Can you tell me how many buyers will be lining up for new cars from your friends at the UAW when gas goes over $5 a gallon? Unless the auto industry is ready to release an announcement saying they are going to build a 60-miles-per-gallon car big enough to carry the whole family — I think we will be needing oil a bit longer.

Anyone can jump in and answer this question: if the Canadian oil fields are as dirty as some say, can’t we find a way to clean them up? With the reserves reported to be the second largest in the world, can’t modern technology find a way? The tree-huggers are worried about the environmental damage — did we not almost lose the entire Gulf as a result of “approved” drilling? And when is the fuel industry going to be ready to build bigger and more competent refineries? More raw materials (oil) might encourage more production thus new refineries.

Did I just hear job seekers cheering?

Why would the UAW, or anyone else for that matter, feel so confident they could support any candidate or either party before we find the answers to the above questions?

If you run into Mr. Santorum, ask him if he is seeking to represent a team? Didn’t I hear him promise to represent his peers? If you get to chat with Rick, ask him to explain, in detail, exactly what he will do for us if we elect him.

The question just keeps coming up — “Can anyone beat Obama?” I would think any politician who hopes to accomplish that job would be explaining how. I may have missed the message we were given saying, “Don’t let the opposition know your plan.” Will that work? If the voters don’t know of their plans, they may never get a chance to apply them.

Another question I bet we all are asking, “If Mitt or any of the other candidates are the party’s choice, why are the “talking heads” interviewing party outsiders — Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Mr. Trump?

Here is a question for Newt: Why does he still think he is in the race? Hasn’t he heard, no one cares that he had a chance to stand next to President Reagan. If Newt would look around, he would see he is not in the race, whether or not his home state has had their say. If each and every voter in the state of Georgia chooses Newt, it wouldn’t put a dent in the outcome of the race.

Here is another query, “Why Mr. Paul do you think the cult-type mentality following that surrounds you is what the people want?” I’ve heard you put forth many good ideas during debates only to hear you chuckle when your followers respond as though on cue. Maybe you like being a spoiler?

Is all this really about a presidential election? Remember the statements, “No more taxes,” and “We’ll find weapons of mass destruction.” I’m sure the younger generation is saying, “How did those promises work out?” Currently have you heard, “Iran has no nukes?” If that is true, why are we so worried?

One last question: “Did you see a name of a person mentioned you think might be able to keep us standing or help us avoid another 9/11?” As I see it, I didn’t think so.




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