"Bits and Pieces"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, March 22, 2013

In my last column, I suggested some of our biggest utility companies are slamming us with various bundles and added features we don’t want. It’s not bad enough they are deliberately switching our services — they are doing it with the use of overseas workers, at a cost of U.S. jobs. They are also building service into our transponders so we actually have to perform our own service with the overseas techs.

Good News! We got our home phone back after it was held hostage. And — it is still the same number we have had for 27 years, so give us a call. Perhaps the company read my column last week.

One of the bits and pieces occurred last Sunday when St. Patrick’s Day actually fell on Sunday and church goers got to worship a real saint on his day. There were many good Irish men and women who spent the whole weekend celebrating St. Pats day by attending many events. At one of the places we visited, everyone was Irish. There were Poleirish, Italirish, Afroirish, Cubanirish, Haitirish, Jewishirish and many who were 100 percent Irish. It was difficult to discern one from another — most of them were wearing green. Some were also wearing flashing, sparkling jewelry or beads to gain more attention. Many were enjoying green beer or green mixed drinks.

One of our stops was at a casino and as expected, there was a good deal of passing of the green. As I saw it, “The luck of the Irish” held true because Pat (O’Keefe) brought some of the green home with her. There was “Erin Go Bragh” and “Erin Go Bragh-less.” There was a guy dancing a jig with a Shillelagh plus a few Irish tenors who sang “Danny Boy” over and over. Everyone was having a great time working up a big appetite for corned beef and cabbage.

Another piece I need to comment on as I write my column on this FIRST DAY OF SPRING is where is it? They say on the first day of spring you can stand an egg on its opposite end. Who cares? Mine can sit on either end in their carton until it’s time to crack them from either end. We have to assume Punxsutawney Phil got it wrong once again by thinking he couldn’t see his shadow. I think the reason he didn’t see his shadow was there were too many news cameras in his line of view.

Old Phil has been wrong more times than not, and this year if it means some more rain or snow, I say let it fall. We all need the moisture to recover from the droughts that have plagued our country.

Another bit from a past column regards the combination of obesity and electronics. Not only did some readers let me know they agreed, I had a doctor support my conclusion.

I bet some of you put away your shovels — that may be why spring won’t spring!





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