"No Progress"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, July 28, 2017

Isn’t the daily news boring?

I’m not talking about our local news. Our local newspapers and the radio station keep us aware and up to date on all activates taking place in our area. It’s the national news that is so repetitive. Each newscaster saying a version of the same thing over and over.

This week marked the sixth month of President Trump’s administration, and it seems to me the time period has been uneventful. Every media source is focused on what went on or is going on with Russia and Putin. Tiring of trying to connect President Trump with inappropriate behavior with the Russians, they have moved on to his family members.

The president seems unconcerned and shows little reaction to all the reports being made. If he does respond, it is a Tweet offering an excuse for whatever occurred. As I recall, the presidential ballot listed only one person named Trump running for the top spot. Activities and positions served in by the president's family members are probably of little interest to those voters who elected him.

I noted this past week, mired in all the talk of Russia, some interesting facts about Putin. He is said to be the wealthiest man in the world, with a net worth of as much a $200 billion. It’s also declared that if he has to send out the Russian Army, he charges for that service. When payment is made, whether in gold, silver or perhaps petroleum, it goes into his personal account. With all the controversy surrounding Russia’s involvement in various affairs in the U.S. — many excused by President Trump — I began to wonder about something. Could it be that Putin is keeping an eye on Trump’s holdings? After all, both before and after the election, President Trump was not bashful often bragging about how rich he is.

Maybe Putin and Trump are actually trying to outdo each other and actually gain some advantage to increase their individual wealth.

Healthcare has also been talked to death (no pun intended). Daily debates and endless testimony by both parties have resulted in no plan whatsoever to move forward with any actual changes to the health care plan we have now.

Those debating the issue say they can’t support changes suggested because it will adversely affect their constituents. Which in political speak means, “I may not get reelected.”

What is the problem? When President Obama introduced his healthcare program, there was endless discussion and debating. Many congressional representatives, who are not supporting the current revisions, are the same ones who offered opposition when Obama introduced his program. As I see it, those who are deadlocking the present proposals are the same politicians that promised they were going to support changes. Why is it elected officials, sworn to represent us, can promise changes and think it is alright to vote against them?

Let’s make a note of all those we elected who are refusing to support changes and vote against them when they are up for reelection. Healthcare change was a major theme they chose to ride into office on — let’s kick them out if they don’t deliver.

I said “uneventful” because there is no forward motion on our behalf, in spite of the Republicans having a majority in the House, Senate and a resident in the White House.

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