"No Debate, It's Wrong"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, February 25, 2012

The subject of the breaking and entering at Maple Lanes is questionable. Consider it from this point of view. The headline of a recent article concerning the topic reads, “Maple Lane Discount Store hit again.” Each of the many news reports concerning break-ins at the store explained; the purpose was to obtain bath salts the store sells.

The reporter’s job is to give us the news, and their reporting pointed out a need to be concerned. As I see it however, the news coverage is beneficial to the business affected and serves as advertising.

I’m sure many Huron County residents were unaware of the product talked about before the investigation began. It would not surprise me to discover users of marijuana and cocaine had no knowledge of the so called $10 packet bath salts.

Think about it; once reports explained details of what the salts provide and pointed out sales of them are legal, the salts’ popularity soared. Everyone in the Thumb who heard reports about the subject became knowledgeable. If users of any controlled substance were eager to try it, they knew where to obtain it. Thus demand and sales of the product grew.

The store owner was quoted saying, “They are by far our most popular item.” He explained income from sales of the product were a major part of his business. Damages to his property as a result of the break-ins were probably paid by insurance but all the free advertising surely provided a boost in sales.

If the product is sold in small packages and is so valuable an asset to the owner as reported, why didn’t he store it in a big safe that could not be broke into or moved? Consider how much time and manpower law enforcement has spent at taxpayer’s expense investigating each break-in.

I’m sure the store, once a major seller of tobacco products, suffered losses due to reductions in demand for those items. However, I believe it to be unconscionable a local businessman would resort to selling such a dangerous product. During my research, I was asked, “Are the salts worse than tobacco?” A question I could not answer given the high rate of cancer in our county.

The fact bath salts are imported should give our government agencies the ability to control its sale by declaring it unsafe for consumption or placing a very high tariff on its import. Knowing the merchandise is a major part of a local establishment’s income points out our county is being targeted by manufacturers and sellers of these product. Research has disclosed there are many imports that can cause irreparable harm such as toothpaste, lead in children’s toys, tainted baby formula, etc.

It falls on parents to keep a close eye on their youngsters for use and the side effects noted and realize long-term after effects are as yet unknown.

We need to recognize, our society is faced with second- and perhaps third-generation recreational substance abusers.

It is our responsibility, as parents, grandparents, lawmakers and citizens, to help resolve problems resulting from the use of illegal or legal products. Waiting to let someone else solve the issues will be at the expense of our youngsters.




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