"Stalemates Not Acceptable"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, August 6, 2016

We listen to our politicians telling us how they will cut cost and reduce our debts. Although many of their ideas have merit, few are brought forth as conceived.

Hours of debate take place in congressional chambers without conclusion. Many good ideas and actions proposed, get tabled. Soon there is a pile of add-ons and all that can be agreed upon is to recess and head home for a vacation.

Ideas presented and promises made by Republican or Democrat, male or female, are meaningless if the two-party system continues to allow stalemates. As I see it, the House and Senate need to be aligned. When a bill is introduced for a vote, it should either be passed or rejected — not postponed. Another bill should not be considered while one is “pending.”

When a bill is being deliberated, pros and cons, opinions and ideas are put forward. When everyone has had an opportunity to speak, a vote should be taken. If a decision is not reached, the bill should not be brought up again during the same session.

I know what I suggest may sound simplistic, I am after all, not a politician. I just believe common sense could enter into the process.

The purpose of our two-party system is first and foremost to represent the people who elected those serving. Its next obligation is to consider all views of a bill put before them on behalf of those they serve. Of utmost importance is that each legislator vote. They were not elected to filibuster, tell fairy tales or beat their chest, threatening to go home, like children in a schoolyard.

When constituents suggest a topic they wish to have considered: such as college tuition and student loan debt, it needs to be put forth, voted on and a conclusion determined. There are too many issues troubling our country that have been put aside on the back burner of congressional discussions, some for years.

The electorate, we the people who are expected to choose who leads our government, have obviously lost patience. This lengthy, exhaustive process to put a person in the highest office, proves that point. We are beginning to feel we have no choice, we are not necessary for the decisions that will be made.

Only 21 percent of our electorate were moved to vote in the primary election this week. How telling is that? Perhaps in our local communities that was enough. Will we feel confident in our future if only 21 percent make the decisions for all, does that number reflect what may happen in November?

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