"Did You Feel that Chill in the Air?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, September 13, 2013

It’s that time of year. No — not fall, just time to send the kids off to school. Once they are out the door, you have time to sit back and enjoy a fresh cup of java.

It’s also time to head for the attic or the storage area where you stash your seasonal clothing. You may as well start with your own, try them on and check the fit. Mine always suffer from shrinkage in storage. There must be something wrong in the place I store them. If your fall-fancies still fit, that is good for the budget.

If you have kids, however, it’s a sure bet they will need new clothes. Even if they didn’t grow much, clothing styles have surely changed. You must know what was all the rage last year is simply repulsive this year. In fact, it’s down right awful.

No one, not a soul, would wear the same style two years in a row. Even if the style is still acceptable, colors are sure to be different this year. Once the kids get a few days in the classroom, especially in upper grades like third through twelfth, they will know. All about styles, patterns and what the color standouts are. They will know what the “must have’s” and the “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that” are.

No matter what you bought before school started, it’s not right; it looks dorky and cannot be worn. So off to find the sales (you hope) and clothes that may last for the school year.

Hopefully, your older offspring found a summer job and saved a few dollars for the extras; the cell phone case, five-dollar shoelaces or backpack with hidden pockets and locks to keep parents out.

Even though some days feel like fall (and some this past week REALLY still felt like summer), it’s not. Not until Sept. 22 at 20:44 GMT, but who needs to be that exact? It’s coming soon and along with fall, autumn or whatever you call it, come chores that need to be done before cold weather arrives. I mention this to remind you not to break the bank.

Additional expenses could be numerous for the following tasks. Check, and perhaps clean, the furnace (at least change the filters). Remove, clean and store portable air conditioners. Clean and winterize your summer toys; boats, PWCs, ORV’S and camper. Check your cars or trucks for fluid levels see if your snow tires are ready or need replacement.

Weather forecasters are predicting early and extreme cold conditions. Many of us need to clean and install storm windows and check for air leaks, perhaps add some caulking. Even though we will see October reminders on many items, it’s never too early to change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. There are a lot of objects to check and plans to make for the changing seasons. Cleaning your paper tube and mail box are little things, but the bottom line is, leave a little in the bank for things you may have forgot to put in the budget.

This past week, we still needed that A/C, but it won’t be long before the leaves are ready to rake and the chill sets in. You will be glad you did all the little odd jobs and maybe some major ones early. It’s always easier to accomplish maintenance before an item is actually needed. You could even ask the kids to help and, perhaps, they can earn some money for their extra needs.




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