"What's In Your Pantry?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, June 3, 2017

It sure was great that the weather guys got it wrong last weekend.

Yes, we had some wind and rain but there was also lots of nice sunshine and warm temperatures. I took a long ride along the shoreline and noted lots of boats in the water at the marinas and many out on the lake. People were dressed in shorts and sunbathers were stretched out on the beaches. As I drove home after dark, the smell of campfires wafted from the campgrounds I passed along the route.

Last week in my column I noted how great it was to be among friends in Huron County. Have to admit, living here is like being in another world compared to the big metropolises.

Before I was even finished unpacking earlier in the week, I called some good friends and asked to meet them for lunch. I told them we were going shopping in Bad Axe and could we meet there. We got an early start by meeting at 11 a.m. so we could have lots of time to catch up. Family events, including photos to emphasize, new experiences and plans for the summer were all covered. It was a good thing the restaurant wasn’t too busy because we were reluctant to leave.

After lunch we headed to the grocery store to load up because the cupboards were bare after just returning home. As I helped put the groceries in the car, all of a sudden a cheerful greeting rang out. When I turned to look, a women with a beautiful smile gave me a warm greeting. She too was an old friend and I was very happy to see her.

At home as I began unpacking the car, I spotted a plate of homemade cookies that had been placed on the back seat. That’s just what friends in our area do — express pleasure in meeting up after a separation. It’s a great tradition actually, this special friend sends us off with baked goods and has some for us when we return. It helps that she is the best cook in Huron County — maybe even the whole state. I am a fine judge of the fact because I have been enjoying her cooking for many years.

Later that day as I began working the phone rang and I was pleased to learn the caller was a local reader of my column. He explained that he had followed an idea presented in my “Pantry Maze” column and began examining some of his food products. He seemed somewhat shocked by what he discovered. When he weighed one of the items to check the amount against what was listed, he learned the amount was inaccurate. As he checked others, he determined they were also. The items were from a vendor who home delivered and when he called to inquire he was told the deficiency would be promptly looked into. Like I mentioned in the article — many manufacturers don’t ever expect purchasers to verify listed contents.

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