"Is There Any Good News?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, December 7, 2012

As I observe activities that occur, some daily, I think back to when it all started. My recollections may differ from those of others but most people will agree about the results.

In the past 25 years, our way of life has changed dramatically. Unfortunately, the majority of changes have not bettered our lives. One sad change has been the value placed on human lives. Hardly a day goes by that the lead story on the news does not relate to a shooting or stabbing. It does not matter where you gather the news; it seems a consensus that life has no value.

Morning or evening news; radio, newspaper or TV — the headlines are the same. A shooting, stabbing or beating occurs for no known reason. Drugs are often lead subjects related to home invasions, car thefts and armed robberies that take place daily, many by young people. Gang-style executions are reported in many locals; some highly populated others remote. I watched the news in more than six states recently; all carried the same breaking news.

The holiday season seems to bring an increase in the amount of theft reports. Older people are so afraid of being robbed or assaulted; they avoid shopping in malls by themselves. They shop locally, in familiar surroundings, on their computers or TV. Although shopping in your home can seem a safe experience, caution must still be used. Identity theft is on the rise and you need to be assured of being on a secure site before providing credit card information.

All credit card users should be aware — electronic advancements have aided thieves by providing them with small scanning devices. As you stand in line or present your card, the device can steal your data even from a wallet in your pocket or purse. Staying aware of activities and observing those around you is a must. Be sure to keep transaction receipts in case a problem turns up from an illegal purchase.

Also prominently in the news is our plunge over the fiscal cliff with daily arguments in Congress and endless commentary. Perhaps the time is approaching when we will have to clean house and regain some control of our elected officials. They should be required to solve problems at hand before they can recess. They also should be held to a pay rate in place when they took office and not be entitled to a pay raise until problems they are responsible for are solved.

As I see it, congressional pay increases should be voted upon for the next office holders not the ones just elected, especially in light of the sums they spent to gain office.

The electorates, we the people, are advised to live by a budget. If we fail to do so, our homes are foreclosed upon, our stock portfolios shrink and we can lose everything. What penalties do our elected officials face if they bankrupt us?

It is not right that taxpayers must pay their allotted amount of taxes at a set time or be severely penalized, yet those responsible for spending the funds collected can not set a budget. The inequity of our system needs to be addressed.



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