"Help is Nearby"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, August 21, 2017

Do you know what medical needs you may require? Are you a visitor here in the Thumb - or perhaps a summer resident?

Many people who reside in the area in cottages, house trailers, motorhomes or even boats that surround the shoreline may consider themselves locals. They are welcomed by all and add a tremendous boost to the local economy. As I see it, perhaps the welcome sign is missing some important information that they should be aware of.

Our upper Thumb area is fortunate to have three full service hospitals. They are:

Harbor Beach Community Hospital

210 S. First St., Harbor Beach, 48442




Huron Medical Center

1100 S. Van Dyke, Bad Axe, 48413




Scheurer Healthcare Network

170 N. Caseville Road, Pigeon, 48755



Each location has an urgent care facility associated with them. There are also various associated hospital clinics and pharmacies throughout the area, check their websites or give them a call. Specialist in all areas of health care may be seen locally at the hospitals and lab and radiology testing ordered by physicians can be accomplished as well.

Emergency services are ready to assist for any event.

A call to 911 is handled centrally and dispatchers send ambulance assistance from the closest location. Air rescue services are also available and air transport can be provided to major trauma centers. The Huron County Sheriff's Office motto is: "To Protect and Serve."

A call to them will bring whatever emergency assistance you may need on land as well as the waterways.

If your emergency occurs on the water, a mayday call on a marine radio or 911 call via cell phone will bring an immediate assist. The United States Coast Guard will respond. A trailered vessel can be sent to any launch in the area. The Huron County Sheriff's Department has an expansive array of marine services such as, patrol boats, air boats, a fully trained and equipped eight-member dive team plus safety inspectors. They too may be accessed via 911 dispatch and their assets will assist the coast guard when necessary.

Our area has available many chamber of commerce offices that offer a wealth of information.

They provide the answer to any question involving their community from, "Where can we grab a bite to eat?" to "What is there to do?"

They are also fully aware of all medical facilities offered and can quickly put you on the right track to fulfill your needs.

I do not want readers to think they are going to get in trouble while spending time in our area, I just want them to know they are fully covered for any emergencies. Perhaps if you are a summer visitor, you may want to keep this article for reference just in case you do need help at any time. The addresses listed will provide guidance to the facilities. Phone numbers and web sites will further assist you.

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