"Christmas Is Almost Here"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, December 19, 2015

The time for shopping is just about over and if the online folks tell you your gift will arrive by Christmas, better doubt it. Heading out to old “brick and mortar” may be a better choice. With so few days left, if you still have folks on your list, choices may be slim. You might have to fight all those procrastinating, last-minute people as you head into the stores.

Although most people’s finances are a little better than past years, stability is still elusive. Job security has increased in some sectors but others areas have lagged behind. World challenges keep increasing and the United States is expected to lead. We are doing as well as our leaders are able.

Ideas set forth by the presidential hopefuls, eager to gain support in their bids for office, bring forth a variety of responses. Since they are only seeking the leadership role — not occupying it, why would their ideas be important? Those getting excited about “unofficial” plans must realize they are not likely to be carried out. Any propositions made today (and there were many during the recent debate) will likely fade away long before any change in office takes place.

All the plans proposed, threats made and new ideas will be forgotten by election time. When a candidate is finally chosen, their current suggestions made now, probably will not fit the times and circumstances when they take office.

With Christmas right around the corner, I have had enough of politics and would love to take a break and enjoy the season. I have to double check my gift list to be certain no one has been overlooked. I sure miss being around the kids, all the stages of excitement leading up to the great event were always so enjoyable.

As I see it, if you have all the shopping, wrapping and shipping done there should be one more thing on your to do list: Christmas Cards. Since all the social media options have taken over, people excuse themselves from sending cards saying they will text or post a note to all their friends and family. It’s not the same. My wife saves all the cards she receives — no kidding, all of them. She will reach back to one that had pictures of a friends’ youngsters, put them in a current card to that friend and send it. The recipient is always delighted. We have a friend in Kinde who sends a four-page update on her family’s activities of the year. We so look forward to that card.

We “seasoned” Christmas celebrators really prefer getting a card, but will appreciate any type of message from friends and family. So if I like to get them, I better get busy and send them. And I will begin wishing everyone I see a Merry Christmas right through the big day!

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