"Good Politics and Justice Missing"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 15, 2015

The hopeful politicians have begun to line up and jockey for media exposure to tell us their visions of our country’s future. The exact number of candidates varies daily depending upon which source is reporting. Some say up to 16 additional hopefuls will throw their hats in the ring.

It is my considered opinion, and that’s all I can offer, we should wait to listen or pay attention to any prospects until we are certain they may become a viable candidate. After that time we should determine what their true vision is and how that direction may benefit our country.

It amazes me how declared candidate’s representatives are continuously stating the female candidate has no chance yet they endlessly discuss her positions. It seems they should save their air time to challenge the herd of people who will be entering the race any day now.

Although the election is a year and a half away, and up to 16 people will oppose one, if they don’t start getting serious about whom will represent their side, the battle may be lost early. Yes I know the political conventions will eventually narrow the choice to one per party but by that time each presumed candidate will have accepted major contributions.

What happens to the funds given to those that fail to make the cut?

I note as the process moves along we all keep asking, why is there no limit on contributions? Both parties’ constituents, some quite prominent, want a clear answer to that query.

As I see it, a generous contributor could make deposits to the coffers of many people running for the party’s support therefore assuring a return from the eventual winner. It’s a known fact major contributors have, in the past, financially supported both parties to maintain a favorable standing with the final victor.

I wonder if there will be a backer willing to fund another reading of a child’s Mother Goose tale. The candidate who filibustered with it, in the running for over a month now, has had a fair share of the early spotlight. The statements I have heard have helped me form a definite opinion regarding his chances of being around for the finale.

I sure hope someone; male or female, red, white, black, brown, will find themselves in a position to follow the paths of some of our leaders of the past.

It’s hard to believe one of those leaders, General and CIA Chief David Petraeus, who led our troops through numerous conflicts and gained such acclaim could fall so far. It’s just as hard to understand how he could have gotten only a slap on the wrist for sharing highly, classified secrets with his mistress.

Research reveals Chelsea (Bradley Edward) Manning, an E-1 Private in the army, was sentenced to 35 years for the same offense in 2013. Both Petraeus and Manning were tried under the Espionage Act Title 18.

A high ranking general should be held more accountable to his troops and his country than his sentence declared. Was it because of rank? Was it because of Manning’s declarations? They both passed on very sensitive secrets which could have endangered our country – why such a different outcome?

Edward Snowden, a lowly computer analyst, had to flee and hide in another country because he was facing a possible death penalty for treason. Wouldn’t it be assumed information known by a high ranking general and CIA director would be of greater value than that of a lowly analyst?

We can only hope there is a reason, known to someone, for an apparent miscarriage of justice.


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