By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, September 11, 2010

Attitudes — everyone has them. I change mine frequently, but I notice some people keep the same one day in and day out while others change theirs hourly.

I think attitudes can change with the weather or even with how you feel when you start your day. I also think attitudes change based upon interacting with others. I know if I encounter someone with a bad attitude, I can develop one of the same. An example would be when meeting a waiter or waitress. If I am greeted with a smile or cheerful statement, the encounter is off to a good start and will likely end with a generous tip for my server. If a waitperson is snappy or displays signs of having a bad day, and it reflects when they address me, their tip will also reflect that treatment. I have even been known to ask for a different server or leave a restaurant if that was not possible.

So — I’ve learned as I’m sure many readers have, an encounter with someone sporting a bad attitude can and often does spoil an event. On the other hand a person with a bright, cheerful smile and friendly greeting can make an event, especially a meal, enjoyable. I have also learned to offer a friendly attitude and happy face to those who make me happy. I just like to return the good feeling.

Restaurants are not the only place a good attitude pays off. Any place a person is expected to help you; hardware store, clothing store, meat market or perhaps a jewelry store,a bright, cheerful person with a smiley face can make any experience better. I just won’t do business with a store of any kind if I meet up with an employee who acts as if they are doing me a favor by waiting on me. I have left check out counters where a snappy person, who acts as if they hate their job, has given me the feeling I’m troubling them. I surely wouldn’t want to force them to take my money and heaven forbid ask them to make change. I think it is much easier to just shop somewhere else.

I mentioned in last week’s “As I See it,” you can often find a smiling face and cheerful greeting at family operated stores.

Even though your purchase may cost a few cents more, it is probably more appreciated. When banking, I like to do business where the tellers know me and act as if they are happy to serve me. I really like it when they call me by name then smile and welcome me. Somehow this type of greeting makes me feel like my business is important to them. I have continued to bank at financial locations because of their friendly attitudes and of course the plate of cookies or fresh popcorn helps to draw me in.

Speaking of money and financial transactions, credit card companies are the worst. As I see it, they are promoting a return to the actions that caused so many people heartache. An example: the pre-approved credit cards arriving from institutions you never heard of. My credit card company sent me a check I could write for $ 10,000 and announced the sum would be interest free until next year. The fine print revealed when the interest charge is levied next year it will equal two or three times more than what I could obtain locally.

Currently, you can buy cars and other big ticket items with a very small down payment and payments stretched over many years. Isn’t this how our recession started? If you are considering one of these deals because it’s the only way you can afford to get something — you really can’t afford it at all.

It seems to me the big overhaul of the credit card companies ordered by the government is little more than a joke. Sad to say, the joke is on the public. I recently received notice one of my credit cards was changing. When I called to inquire, they said I would appreciate an unlimited line of credit that I could use worldwide. I would be sent a new card which would have a very small interest charge for the first 90 days. I told them I did not want to have my card changed, but they went on to explain in detail why I could not afford to pass up such a deal. When I finally suggested they could just cancel my card, they asked me to hold and after a very short time came back on and told me I could continue using my current card indefinitely.

Is it any wonder our economy is experiencing a slow recovery?


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