“Great To Be Back - Again"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 8, 2010

I am happy to report after talking with folks at the Tribune and some negotiating, my columns will once again appear regularly.

As we are all aware, times are tough and any recovery moves seem to be missing in Huron County. As we continue to invite new industries and businesses to our beautiful county perhaps our ski-high unemployment numbers will begin to decrease. Even a few new jobs would help a lot. At the Huron Daily Tribune, they, like most newspapers around the country, have had drastic drops in circulation and advertising. I, like many of the older generation, always enjoy sitting down and reading the paper. I read it from front to back, including all the ads and public notices. Of course I also read the columns to see what others have to say. Reading the paper makes me feel like part of the community I live in. It keeps me abreast of activities and changes all over the county and even other counties.

While I’m in Florida I have a number of publications to read, some like the Miami Herald are just too big to read on a daily basis. I read several smaller papers that provide local news of my community in the Keys.

The younger generation seems satisfied with just waiting for someone to tell them what’s new and exciting. When you ask young people if they heard about something that took place nearby they often say, “I didn’t know about that.”

Young people also get their news via texting. Somehow it seems using message coding in texting news it can’t be accurately transmitted. There also must be a lot that is missed in translation from one person to another.

Some folks who still do read the newspaper may have acquired the habit at home. A couple of my girls are devoted to their local newspapers and I always enjoy reading their papers when I visit them.

As newspapers are struggling I have to wonder how so many television news stations survive. They all cover the same stories and if you change the channel, you get a repeat. That does not happen while turning pages of the daily paper because they provide new, fresh coverage of events.

While reading and viewing the news I have learned some of the contributors to our last financial meltdown are repeating the practices that caused much of the downturn. I just noted Lehman Brothers CEO Richard S. Fuld, Jr., while testifying before a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, misspoke (or some would say lied) when he reported his pay. It seems he just forgot bonuses totaling $ 200,000. Others have been found to have misreported even greater amounts, up in the millions.

As I see it if there is no penalty for perjury when testifying before a special government committee, why would the government waste time conducting hearings? And why is it — we the people — are not only paying for the hearings but our tax contributions had to
bail out those liars that falsely reported the reasons for their financial problems?

Another thing I have noted lately, if you pay close attention to ads and promotions (like I do) you will once again see “No Money Down, No Interest.” These deals offer payment terms so long they will outlast whatever you are purchasing. Isn’t this where all our problems began?

I have a bailout suggestion; drawing from the alphabet each year pick a letter A to Z and everyone whose last name starts with that letter could be allowed to skip paying taxes AND receive a bailout check from Uncle Sam. Funds for these bailout checks could be gathered from fines levied upon those who perjured themselves while testifying before government committees. Recipients of the bailout checks would not be required to pay the funds back unless all millionaires had paid income tax on ALL OF their income.

If that idea does not fly, how about putting the banks on the spot and make them raise the interest they pay on CDs and money market accounts held by seniors over 65 years of age. Isn’t their bailout money part of the interest that is due on Social Security? Better yet, find out what brilliant member of the government decided there was no cost of living increase for two consecutive years so Social Security payments would remain flat. Please send the address and phone number so those of us on Social Security can let them know how wrong they were and what a great job they are doing.

Sorry can’t help it, here I am complaining about our government again. It’s just so easy I can’t resist and after all it is As I See it. It’s great to hold the pen again and put my thoughts on the line – and I’m very happy to have my column appear in the Trib where it started.

To those who sent notes and best wishes, thanks. And a special thank you to Andy for his card, we will get together when I get back to Huron County. Also special note to Clark & Barb for your comments but please re-instate your subscription because each one counts. Remember, we will all miss the Tribune if we lose it.


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