“Readers Got It Wrong"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, June 25 2010

My critics have turned to posting and those posting have turned to disagreeing.

For myself, I avoid blogging as much as I can but I noticed over 20 comments on my column, “Integrity” printed June 5, and at last count 36 on my column, “Between a Rock & a Hard Place” printed June 12.

The comments seemed to be made by persons with faulty memories. Many missed my intended direction of the question about “integrity” altogether. The objective of the column was to point out the lack of integrity on the part of BP CEO Tony Hayward. It appeared at that time, as it still does today, he was unable to give a direct, honest answer when questioned.

One post said, “I should not be complaining about the president after I supported his election.”

This writer, as well as some of the others, apparently missed a number of my earlier columns so perhaps we can look back. I keep actual clips of each one, to review what I may have written in the past.

On 8-29-08 I referred to “Mass confusion at the Democratic convention, promises made and the fact what was offered as a new idea was actually many years old.” I went on to say, “As a NON-PARTISAN I want to support ANYONE who can convince me they will help the citizens of our country.”

In that same column I said, “I would like to hear plans to better our country, control immigration, set in place a realistic health plan and resolve our involvement in foreign conflicts.”

I suggested we look for a plan to put our citizens before those of other countries, stating “We need to feed and care for all those on our shores first.”

Continuing my look back, on 9-12-08 I wrote, “I wish we could believe what the candidates were telling us.”

And I went on to say, “I am NON-PARTISAN and have never been a diehard supporter of either party.”

I ended that column with a question, “Why, if no one ever heard of Sarah Palin, are there so many negative statements made about her?”

On 9-26-08 I said, “It seemed neither the Democrats or Republicans could answer the same question twice with the same answer.”

I quoted BOTH candidates as declaring, “That’s not what I meant,” when asked about a response they had made to a previous question.

In that same column I wrote, “As I See it, with today’s problems, no matter who is elected, the job of leading our country will be more difficult than it has been for any past president.”

As the election for president drew near on 10-3-08 I wrote, “The Democrats and Republicans are both passing the buck and pointing fingers, more concerned about their election than the good health of our country.”

Dear posters, which party does that sound as if I joined?

On 10-10-08, I stated, “I for one would like to have a candidate speak about themselves – not their opponent. I would also welcome hearing how changes they talk about will actually be put into place.”

As I stated in October of 2008 before the election and still believe, “The media spends too much time interpreting politician’s statements. Do they think we are all idiots? Do they think we are unable to understand what a candidate said? And if so, why do they think we will be able to understand their opinions?”

In that October column I questioned the mixing of church and state and asked if it was unlawful. No one posted an answer so I still have that question.

My support of Sarah Palin was obvious when I said, “I was truly appalled at how she was so ruthlessly attacked.” I also said, “The fact this young woman is willing to parade her family in front of the nation, showing great pride, makes her an outstanding candidate.”

In that same column I commented regarding one of the debates, “Neither candidate appeared presidential. They were both totally disrespectful of moderator Tom Brokaw.”

No party preference in that statement.

Later, as election time drew near, I submitted a question in a column dated 10-10-08 you may all recognize, “When did our country lose its INTEGRITY?”

On 10-31-08 I said, “We all need to vote” and repeated my statement, “Although I am non-partisan, I would be proud to have someone like Sarah Palin and family represent me, no matter their party affiliation.”

I ended the column saying, “There are only four days left until the election, I still have to pick a good, honest candidate for the highest office in our land. Where can I find one? I hate to think I have to flip a coin”

Does that sound like I favor a party?

After the election, I praised the new president-elect and acknowledged the tough job that lay ahead for him.

I said, “As I see it, whether or not he was our choice, we must take a lesson from his daughters and believe in him.”

I pledged to help if I could, but at no time did I declare support for any party.

To those of you who continue to make “As I see it” a popular column by commenting, I thank you.

To those who tag me to either party, I suggest when you say things are facts you should read and comprehend a little more.

Do your homework when speaking about what I said.

I AM NON-PARTISAN, which I believe means I vote for the candidate I find most likely to do the best job for our country.

Like all other voters in a two-party system, I have a 50-50 chance of being right or left.


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