"Happy New Year"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, December 29, 2017

The end of 2017, a really tough year, is near and a brand new year is on its way!

Santa’s big trip went well, the reindeer managed to pull their way through all the snow, sleet, fog and tropic heat to deliver gifts where they were expected.

The pretty, twinkling trees in living rooms everywhere did the job of presenting flashing colors in all directions. For some, the great scent of fresh cut pine was an added treat. The big, small, fresh or synthetic trees sure looked inviting with all the gifts gathered around it.

I’ve learned that winter has visited Huron County and is making roads slippery and traveling for the New Year could be a problem. The snow is welcomed by many, however, who enjoy hitting the ski trails and sliding down hills on toboggans. Some of the ponds will freeze and the new ice skates Santa dropped off will be laced up and tried out.

If temperatures stay cold; scarfs, earmuffs, boots and gloves will be kept handy. After playing outside with the new winter toys, hot chocolate will be sipped by a fireplace if a family is lucky to have one. Of course, hot chocolate can be enjoyed just about anywhere after being out in the cold. I remember when my kids were youngsters and we would jump on the snowmobiles and ride the trails. After a long ride, it was time to pick a nice stop in a clearing. We would all gather around and build a fire and boil hot dogs in Styrofoam cups. I still wonder to this day how that worked, but it did. We made sure to bring along thermoses of hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for the adults. Sometimes we would add a nip or two to make that coffee go down better.

As I reviewed my copy of the paper online, I was pleased to learn that many joint efforts among generous groups provided reasons to make the holidays brighter for many. Toy’s for Tots I’m sure put smiles on the faces of those less fortunate. The youngsters receiving gifts provided the biggest smiles. I, like many others, know if you come upon a young person with a big, happy smile it is impossible to look them in the face without returning the smile. So kids and adults alike were grinning and perhaps laughing out loud as deliveries were made.

I began the New Year of 2017 with a new family member; Rayland Scott, arrived out in Arizona on New Year’s Day. I have become well acquainted with happy faces — almost daily I get a picture of him online to brighten my day. As much as I grumble about the electronics, they sure are welcome when it comes to sending images cross country.

Our extended family has been growing by leaps and bounds so there are many other happy faces joining in. It is just great to know our clan is expanding and will march through the next century. We are proud and so pleased that in spite of world events being indeed troublesome, our family is confident of the future.

As the New Year approached, we received news that we would welcome another man in our immediate family in the spring, Nathanial Harner in Ocoee, Florida. With the great-grandsons spread from coast to coast, how will we ever keep up with all the photos coming in daily? I will surly try and hope the experience never ends.

Happy New Year 2018. I hope you all enjoy health, happiness and prosperity.

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