"Sadness Overwhelmed Us"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Events described in Aurora, Colo., were so horrific they could hardly be comprehended. Questions, opinions and finger pointing followed and will continue until the next event.

It is almost beyond belief that one person had the ability to cause an entire nation to grieve. Did this, said to be very intelligent person, even conceive the sadness he would bestow on everyone? While the majority of our country grieves because of his madness, he is incarcerated in solitary “for his own protection.” Why do we owe him concern for his safety?

He showed no concern for the helpless souls in the theater.

He even planned to do more harm in the aftermath by booby- trapping his apartment.

As I observed the almost constant news coverage, I heard many ideas presented by those seeking answers to how and why this obscene act took place. One person on a television interview asked, “Wasn’t anyone carrying a gun in the theater?” If they were, they did the right thing by not using it. No one could have safely used a weapon in such a panic situation. Imagine if half a dozen people began firing guns at who they thought was the killer – how many more may have died.

Many knowledgeable people offered opinions during the numerous interviews. One I found the most accurate yet least considered was given by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City.

He implied the NRA should be held responsible. Although I don’t agree with that statement, I do feel there should be some control put on the sale of extremely high-powered weapons and steel-piercing bullets. How hard would it be to flag purchases of assault rifles? Especially to individuals who have no reason to need one like the “innocent” appearing young man who purchased one “legally.”

Rifles, shotguns and pistols have a place in the marketplace. Those who enjoy hunting should not have to have their sport restricted but they are not licensed to hunt anything in a bulletproof vest either. The excessive high-powered ammo is simply not needed by civilians. Removing these types of shells from sale would undoubtedly bring a sigh of relief from many law enforcement personnel who are called upon to protect us.

Experts and politicians who clamor to appear on camera to put forth their ideas seem to overlook what I consider a major contributor to the despicable acts we all face daily.

Although sold as “entertainment,” I believe games — such as those where players join in and stage simulated gun battles with the objective of killing, should be looked at as a causative factor. Those playing the games become so engrossed they play long into the night and resist any interruptions.

The simulated gunfights give frequent winners a false feeling of power. Players become desensitized, viewing killing people as a daily sport that is judged as an accomplishment. Paint-gun hunting and shooting human targets can also provide a feeling that killing is fun.

As I see it, please let the Olympic Games begin. We will all be glad to witness tears of happiness after so many tears of sorrow.




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