"A Loud Trumpet Call in New Hampshire"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, February 12, 2016

“We are going to make America great again, perhaps better than ever before” announced the leader of the Republican pack after New Hampshire residents cast their ballots. If you missed Donald Trump’s triumphant victory speech, that statement was made over the roar of his supporters as soon as he appeared on stage.

Last Tuesday’s tally for Trump of 35 percent of the Republican votes cast placed him far ahead of his opponents. The Iowa Caucus had allowed doubts to surface regarding his viability, but they were put to rest in New Hampshire. It seems like only yesterday the GOP party heads were declaring Trump wouldn’t make it to the primaries. Wonder how they feel about his position now? It has been heard however: “The five are still alive” referring to all Trump’s opponents.

The Democratic Party expert’s batting average with candidates is no better and they started with only three candidates. They had announced Bernie Sanders would not be around after the first primary votes were cast and many of them declared Hillary Clinton the winner before campaigning even started.

Who knew a declared socialist, admittedly a senior and looking the part, would fire up young people all over the country. His gathering of 60 percent of the Democratic vote resounded throughout the party and sent Clinton campaigners scrambling. John Kasich amusingly announced after Bernie’s victory speech, “He spoke so long I was afraid he would turn 75 before it was over, “as he waited his turn to address his supporters.

Bernie laid his groundwork early by introducing a Senate bill allowing free public college tuition. He said, “Hundreds of thousands of bright, qualified students were not continuing their educations because their families could not afford to send them.” His initiative produced a ground swell of support by younger voters, many who had never cast a ballot in any election. Bernie also assured all those people drawing Social Security he had a plan to ensure its viability for many years to come. He even suggested he would support an increase in amounts being paid. Hello Bernie! Appealing to young and old and they are joining his ranks by the thousands.

As I see it, the younger generation is ready and willing to get involved and cast their votes along with sending Bernie his requested $27donation. According to what I can determine, both party leaders, Trump and Sanders, are the only candidates not accepting super pac support. Trump has plenty of money to fund his campaign and he and Bernie insist they will not be obliged to anyone but the electorate.

If you wonder just how much money is stuffed in the super pac’s, go to opensecrets.org or just look at 2016 outside spending. The amounts are staggering, they sure could put a big dent in our country’s national debt. I am appalled that candidates are having billions of dollars spent in their support and against their opponents. It really would be refreshing to have a president elected who carries no IOUs into the White House.

I stated in my column last week, “There was a Circus in Iowa” and in spite of all the cold and snow, the tents were even larger in New Hampshire. Although the electorate in the northeast, especially the large number of undecided, appeared a bit more serious about whom they would be supporting they turned out in record numbers. Over a half million voters, representing 62 percent of all registered voters, cast ballots with the undecided apparently waiting until they entered the booths to decide. The vote was split almost right down the middle between Democrats and Republicans.

I also plan on waiting until the last minute to cast my ballot because each day brings new revelations about the candidate’s qualifications to lead our nation. This election is perhaps the most important one we will ever participate in and the general public seems well aware of that fact as evidenced by the turnouts thus far.

Our country is in a state of change, we all feel it and young voices will be heard. Education will be accessible and perhaps old timers won’t have to live in fear of losing their benefits. Best of all — the White House will not be for sale.

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