"Our Leader Follows Different Laws"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, June 16, 2014

Who makes the laws?

Is there not a process for creating laws? Or, is it now the higher the government office held, the greater the ability to create a law?

The latter seems to apply in many cases. Recently, our president created a law, or recalled one that allowed him to take an action he had publicly assured would not be taken. If he deems it necessary, our president can take any action he pleases.

I’m sure you surmised what prompted this commentary. If the president can enact any action he is inclined to, why do we have members of Congress voted into office and drawing pay? All we need is the executive branch of the government.

How can the president promise foreign countries a billion dollars in assistance just to keep them as our friends? Why do we train their troops? Can we be certain they won’t turn them on us? Or they won’t run away? Instead of giving handouts in aid, we should let them learn to digest their black gold.

We need to support with our tax dollars our own major companies that are working hard to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Why is there no penalty for disregarding laws, as if they don’t apply to the president or his appointees? Is our problem that the country has too many laws and some have to be broken in order to enforce others?

If you study politics at all levels you see laws being created by individuals appointed to positions by those voted as representatives. Appointed people can create laws, enact and enforce them without guidance or approval from those who created their positions.

Speaking of questionable laws, take a look at Internal Revenue Service laws that state one must pay taxes according to a written law. However, as advertised on TV, if you owe back taxes in excess of $10,000 and have the right attorney, you won’t have to pay.

Why do people who do their best to meet federal tax requirements but fall behind lose their property? They also have their bank accounts frozen, are fined, taken to court and face many other penalties. All because they don’t owe more than $10,000 and can’t afford a tax lawyer.

How about giving bonuses for all those who pay their taxes in full each year and help those who can’t keep up but don’t owe $10,000? Let’s put some free tax lawyers on the payroll.

Why is there help for those having a hard time paying a mortgage on a four-car garage estate on acres of land that costs more than they could afford but the bank approved financing on it? They are helped by the government using our tax dollars. There is no help for a family that paid its mortgage on a small home for years but came upon hard times. They are now living in their cars or camping in a tent because they lost their income.

As I see it, there is a lot of injustice in higher levels of government.



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