"Can Anyone Explain Obamacare?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, November 8, 2013

Every other newscast begins with or has content regarding healthcare. It has become a major arguing point between our political parties.

Almost every politician has provided what they think is a definition of government controlled health care. Seldom will any two even resemble each other.

Obamacare is the name that has been affixed to the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” The name became common among those who opposed the legislation.

Any not in favor of it said the president was pushing the program through so he could claim it as his legacy. The intent of calling the act “Obamacare” was thought to be a slur on the president. Asked what he thought of the name, President Barack Obama said, “Yes, my name is Obama and I do care.”

With the current low ratings for the president, use of the name Obamacare attached to the Health Care Act makes it seem as support for him. As I see it, the disapproval vs. approval of the title has become the main subject. Thus the actual “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (I think they named it Obamacare because the name was too long) is now a popularity contest for our president.

Members of the same party often disagree on the definition of Obamacare. In spite of 3,500 pages regarding health care needs and how to control costs being distributed, no one seems to have an answer to the basic question: “What is Obamacare?” Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not deciphered or supported in any way, the Supreme Court ruled it is law.

It’s no surprise the electronic world does not understand the act. No human does, so how could programmers be found to translate it into an electronic format?

I was told by a doctor, who has been on my team for years, that once I reach a certain age the new care act will not allow him to submit charges for maintenance care. He told me he had attended a seminar regarding the new health care and this was among the many changes introduced.

Another of my doctors, who attended similar group meetings on the new health care act, said he had not heard of any type of limitations based upon age. My further inquires have not given me a conclusive opinion of what to expect.

An announcement was made by the CEO of a health care insurance company regarding Medigap insurance policies. He stated they would not provide the same coverage under the new health care act. Somewhat alarmed, I contacted my provider and told them what I had heard. I was told no changes were expected other than perhaps a slight cost increase. So again I have two directly opposing statements regarding my coverage.

So what is Obamacare?

It has been learned that Edward Snowden has exposed the NSA of snooping into private phone conversations of world leaders.

I wonder while listening in to the British folks what they might have learned about government health care in Canada. When I ask my many friends from Canada how they like their health care program they respond, “It’s a mess, eh.”

I have never had one of them speak favorable about any aspect of the coverage provided by their government.

It seems to me if the NSA listened in to the Canadians and passed along what they heard regarding government controlled health care, our questions would have been answered — a long time ago!


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