"It's Going to be a Great Spring and Summer"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, April 29, 2016

Political commentary is now at the saturation point and it really is time to call a “Time-Out.”

The changes in the election battles of the Republican and Democratic primaries will end soon, thank goodness. Daily conflicts reported are heating up and it is all but certain who will represent each party in the November election. When it is determined, the next step with only two participants will bring greater clashes and louder arguments.

So let’s all pause and try to remember what our lives were up to before the battles began. Perhaps get on with something we can actually control and determine the outcome of, like planting the garden and selecting our spring flowers to plant. We can clean up the yard, maybe trim a few tree limbs and bushes. After pulling all the weeds, feed the grass and soon you can actually look forward to the results of your labor spent.

Sure there may still be a few chilly days when you’ll want to grab a jacket as you head out because tougher jobs need attention also. At least you won’t have to wear your snow boots or heavy hats and scarfs. When you look around, see if you need to clean the siding and windows and re-set screens. It’s time, we hope, to let in the fresh breezes to refresh the inside of the house with spring scents. While outside, check your roof shingles and eve troughs. If they need repairs, you can make arrangements now before all the roofers are hard at work on big jobs. Any home repairs you may have in mind, make plans to have them scheduled unless you will DIY. Don’t put it off, which is easy to do, because a delay may lead to more expensive repairs later. The list of summer projects will be lengthy, but try not to make it so long that it cuts into beach time or fishing plans.

Spring is a good time to take a look at your vehicles that may have had a rough winter, visit the bump shop and arrange to touch up any dings or scratches. Most shops should be caught up after the major bang up jobs that came from cars that landed in ditches during the winter months. They will be ready for the easy, touch-up work and able to accommodate you.

If you left your snow blower with fuel in the tank, it’s a good idea to drain it or treat the fuel to avoid faze separation. The same applies to snowmobiles or any other winter equipment that will be left with fuel in it.

On warm afternoons, tell the kids to put down their cell phones and video games and head outside for some exercise. Maybe get out the bikes and all take a ride. Summer league baseball teams will be working out by now and looking forward to another season. The golfers are in “full swing” and youth teams are filling up. Although not an organized sport, the fishing season is always looked forward to. Just getting rods and reels cleaned up and tackle boxes organized can take a lot of time. If you own your own boat, there is a lot of work ahead to get it all rigged out. If you don’t, but a friend does, volunteer to help them because they will remember when it’s time to look for a fishing buddy to go out on the water.

And a very necessary chore, now is a good time, (the chirping sounds should remind you), to clean up the bird feeders and fill them up. Visitors to them are extra hungry this time of year as they are busy building nests.

As I see it, set your plans and be prepared but you can’t plan too far ahead — you know something else will surely come up. Remember to realize how lucky you are to be living in the Thumb area. One thing I really appreciate is that there is no heavy traffic to drive in, just a few drivers on the road with me — and I probably know half of them.

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