"It'll Be a Big Money Weekend"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, January 31, 2014

This is a big money week, ending with one of the most enjoyed annual events — the Super Bowl!

The game will entertain many of us and it presents a good excuse to have the guys over. If the wives enjoy the game, they are welcome to join in.

The cost is not too high, especially if you have each guest bring munchies or a few beers. The female fans may tire of all the beating and banging around and head for the kitchen to prepare some snacks.

If not, a pizza, subs or wings can always be ordered. Now that would be great.

I mentioned big money. It’s said that this is the week of record sales of TV sets. Didn’t you always want a screen as big as the family room wall? What the heck, why not get it now? The kids will enjoy it all year with their gaming and the wife will really enjoy her afternoon tear-jerkers on the big screen. It’s always good to think of her. After all, she can’t be expected to sit down with a book every day just waiting for you to get home from work.

As I see it, a new telly just in time for the big game would be great for the whole family.

Let’s keep in mind, although this is the final game of football for the year, you’ll be able to enjoy many other programs like: baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, NASCAR and the Olympics. On poor sports days, you can watch Cops, Chicago Fire, Blue Bloods or Shark Tank.

The cost of that big TV is not what I was referring to when I said big money, after all the TV is a good investment. The cost to entertain is not the big money either.

Really big money is the cost if you purchased a ticket to the game. If you actually went to New Jersey and froze watching the game, you missed perhaps the biggest money involved in the game. The millions of dollars spent to produce the best commercials ever. Some people tune in just to watch them.

There is another reason for the reference to big money that surrounds the game: the millions won or lost on wagers — from bets of $25 on square cards up to the thousands of dollars spent with bookies or in gaming establishments. I believe if a tally were done, Super Bowl week is the biggest money week of the year, even bigger than Christmas.

To all those who make small bets, it adds a little excitement as you watch the game. For anyone who makes a hefty wager, it can add a lot of excitement.

I think the big winner will be the guy who heads out to buy that big TV because:

1. He will probably get a big sale discount.

2. He will save thousands by not buying a ticket to the game

3. He won’t have to fight crowds or traffic when the game ends.

4. He won’t have to worry about bridges being closed in New Jersey as he travels home.

5. He can impress and entertain his friends.

6. He will undoubtedly have the best view of the game.

Yep, he and his family and friends can just sit back and enjoy!

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