"Have Fun, But Be Careful"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, November 2, 2015

Be careful, no one knows what lurks in the dark. If you look closely, you may see Superman, Cinderella, a ghost or perhaps a scarecrow.

Just look very carefully. Halloween is a kid’s big day, their very favorite. Being able to get dressed up in special outfits (that they often get to choose) and head out to trick or treat is a very big deal. It’s something they truly look forward to each year.

I always look forward to Halloween. I enjoyed it with my four daughters and more recently with a great “adopted” family of one of the boys who worked on my charter boat. He and his wife were so excited about the kids costume’s this year they brought the kids over early. Mom handmade their costumes depicting Sandy and a couple of T-Birds from the movie Grease. They really look the parts. It’s hard to pay much attention when they show up with all the other trick or treaters so we enjoyed our preview.

When we hear those little voices sing out “trick or treat,” we rush to the door to see what the youngsters are dressed as. Some have fancy costumes, but others have moms who would rather make them. I like all of them except the ones that come with a mask. If a youngster has a mask on, it can slip over their eyes blinding them. If they are dashing across a street, they cannot see a vehicle; unless the driver and the child are exceptionally careful, an accident could occur.

You may have seen on the news a notice that said there is a costume out there that cannot be seen unless it is in direct light. If a child is wearing it and runs out in front of a car, the driver will not see them until they are directly in front of the car. I saw one online called, “Black Second Skin.” I hope if anyone puts their kids in one they cut the face part out so they can see and add reflective tape so others can see them.

Tell your kids “if the lights are on” at a house that usually means someone wants you to visit. Also advise them if they wind up in a large group to step back and let the ones that push go first. Once they depart, if you come to my house, I’ll let you take a handful of treats. I only give the push and shove ones a single piece. If you watch closely you will learn why they used to be called “beggars.”

This Halloween night falls on a Saturday and many adult parties are scheduled. Sure grown-ups like to have fun too, but wait until after trick or treat hours expire. Let the little ones have a chance to get safely home where they will be busy examining their hauls. When Mom and Dad aren’t looking, they taste as many as they can before most of it gets put away.

Parents may want to have something on hand for possible upset tummies the next mornin.

To the parents of the “mini” trick or treaters, especially those who accompany them — thanks so much for joining the kids. We really like it when you dress up too. Let’s all hope Mr. Weatherperson holds back the rain this year until the bags are full.

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