"Are You Going On Vacation?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, April 29, 2017

Just about everyone likes to take a vacation. When, where and what to do are the choices to be made.

The first choice would be the time of year. Will you vacation at a cottage on a lake? Perhaps you have your own cottage and only have to pack a few things because all your needs are already there. Other people will contact a travel guide who will book them a cruise or a trip to Vegas. These types of vacations can be done any time of year, regardless of the season. Trips to Europe have become very popular because air travel is more reasonable.

Many people love to go camping — pitching a tent or hauling an RV. There is an in-between pop-up camper, which is a little bit of both and very easy to travel with. Some camping units are able to accommodate all that you need — such as food, clothing and cooking equipment. Many RVs have refrigerators and built-in heating systems. Smaller units will often have room for an ice chest and ice is easy to pick up. As for heat, wrapping up in warm sleeping bags usually does the trick, even if you’re in a tent. Michigan is one of the best states in the country to enjoy a camping vacation.

Some of the state parks with camping sites are on lakes which is great for those that enjoy fishing. Some larger campgrounds have full facilities — stores, canoe and kayak rentals to encourage folks to travel light. Huron County has a great variety of campgrounds, many right along the 93-mile shoreline. There are state, county and private parks that cater to any type of camping desired. Many campgrounds are set up for winter sports, such as cross country skiing, ice fishing and small game hunting. This is when the really, good quality sleeping bags come in handy for tent campers.

If you don’t want to camp in the cold, with an RV, it’s easy to just pack it up and hit the road for warmer climates. Some people tour through the country camping along the way. By planning ahead, they even serve as campground hosts and have their sites reserved and paid for. I tried going cross country once in a mini motor home. I did not acquire a love for it and sold it shortly after a long trip from Michigan to Arizona. I spend winters now in a campground that I own a piece of and it amazes me to see what variable camping facilities people use.

Pop-up campers are very popular for families, along with multiple tents with a communal tent for eating and gathering together. Big, fancy RVs that I’m told get a mile a gallon of gas are preferred by the older, more affluent campers. There is a regular camper that visits each year and he is really prepared. He tows a large, closed trailer with all his supplies packed inside. When he sets up camp, it all comes out and is spread around the site. The last thing to be set up is his sleeping quarters: A small tent he erects on top of the trailer. He obviously has encountered critters that crawl on the ground so he prefers to be elevated. I often have concerns that he will roll out of his sleeping bag and flip right off that trailer.

Hope everyone gets to go on vacation soon, and have a great time wherever and whatever you wind up doing.

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