"Is It Over?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, August 29, 2015

A few cool days can sure make a big difference — but no, it’s not over yet. Once we get out from under the low pressure that has been dominating our weather the past few days, we should start to warm up. It’s already started.

This past week has been slow for businesses in our area but that’s normal for this time of year. Moms and Dads have to prepare for Back to School. That means as long as the cool weather sticks around, and kids can be pried away from the beach, it’s time to go shopping for school clothes.

The annual shopping trip is a big job and very time consuming. The most difficult aspect is to come to agreements with the intended wearers of the clothing.

What will be the style, color and actual size? It will not do any good looking for last year’s size. You know they won’t fit. The best option, which will be hard to accomplish, is to have the kids try everything on. You must also allow for shrinkage in the dryer and possible growth spurts.

Once the sizes are determined, you need to consider how well the material will wear. Most important is to let the kids help pick out each article. If you do this, you save yourself a lot of grief after you get the items home and hear the statement, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!” Of course if you were able to get them to try everything on, you should not hear that statement.

Be careful not to buy a lot of summer sale items because it will soon be colder and they will need the warmer styles. When it comes to buying shoes, you will be amazed at how kids shoe sizes can change over the summer. If you go to a shoe store, versus the big box store, you may pay a little more but will have a good measurement and be able to find the right size and width. There are few items more important than proper size shoes as youngsters grow up.

Sweaters and jackets are easy: they can be bought just a size bigger than what they are wearing today. Because heavier clothing will be worn under them, buying a size larger may ensure they last through the school season.

Yes, with cool weather, school days looming and school shopping underway, we have to answer the question “it seems like it’s over.”

The Fair, Cheeseburger and fireworks displays are all over plus the other fun summer events we enjoy each year. I personally don’t think we should pack the swimsuits away yet or the kayaks. I’m betting there will be plenty of time left to enjoy them, especially if chores like shopping are done.

The long Labor Day weekend, coming up next week, will provide the last summer break and everyone will be getting out to enjoy it. “Art in the Park” is an annual event held each Labor Day on Sept. 5-6. Gallop Park, a few blocks west of the main intersection in Port Austin is the location, just down M-25 from where the Farmers Market is held. One of the most looked-forward-to events is also still ahead: Kinde’s Polka Festival, Sept. 19-20 in downtown Kinde. Look for details online at www.kindepolkafest.org. Also on Sept. 20, the Port Austin Jr. Pricilla Club is sponsoring a “Walk Back in Time” tour at Pointe aux Barques Resort to benefit the local fire department. The tour is from 1 to 4 p.m. and tickets must be purchased in advance.

As I see it, summer vacations will be over in one more week so, if there is anything you really wanted to do this summer that has been put off, you better get out and do it or the answer to my question will be yes it’s over!

Note: I was writing my column when news of the shooting of two journalists as they interviewed a civic leader was broadcast. As a fellow journalist, I am saddened and offer condolences to all who knew and loved the young people we lost.



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