"Everyone Is Watching"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, March 11, 2016

It’s undeniable. Everyone in our country and around the world is galvanized by what is happening on the political front.

Is the two-party system self-destructing? The debates are becoming caustic, with candidates bursting out yelling at one another. I recall in the past, Ross Perot did a lot of bickering with the other candidates, but there were no loud shouting matches.

No, I don’t expect to witness everyone sitting down together for a peaceful discussion but the total out-of-control exchanges that the moderators are not able rein in surprise me.

New this election is a party bringing back a twice-failed candidate to lecture and dictate to the electorate about how they should vote. The Republic National Committee denies any knowledge of that move but it had to spring from some arena. By the time this column hits print, several additional states will have cast ballots and we may know if the “stop Trump” effort the lecture was about is succeeding.

I’m now, and always have been, non-partisan. This year, it seems a large number of voters are just that — observing what is playing out and wondering whom will be left standing. It appears the media is having its own contest: to see who can present the race in the most accurate way. Polls are being conducted hourly and they demand to know whom is in the lead.

It puzzles me why, if the GOP didn’t want to support the candidate who is leading the race, they are just now exerting such an effort to tear him down? Talk of a third party candidate and a contested convention are swirling around. Why was it so important, at the very first debate that every candidate agree to support the party leader? The one at the convention that collected the necessary 1,237 delegates? When Donald Trump was reluctant to do so, he was told he absolutely must, and he did. Why is that action being ignored now? Is there not a responsibility to support what was so urgently stressed?

The day after last week’s debate in Detroit, Geraldo Rivera said, “Party leaders would rather lose the election than allow Trump to be elected.”

He also joked that Trump was the, “center of a Cuban sandwich.” Granted, Geraldo has seen his share of controversy over the course of his career but his comment about sacrificing the election just to stop Trump hit a nerve.

I note that Trump is continually questioned on his various positions on topics and accused of not doing enough research. When he reveals that he has changed his position, as a result of investigation, he is accused of flip-flopping.

It cannot be denied the man has invigorated thousands of people to take an interest in our country’s politics. On the Democratic front, Bernie Sanders has been attracting young people to the political arena and also drawing thousands to his rallies. He too has little support from the party he represents.

As I see it, as a result of both candidates’ efforts, voter registrations are way up and voter turnouts at all the primary and caucus elections thus far are record breaking.

Much of the dissatisfaction on the part of the electorate in recent times has been the failure of Congress to find a way to work together. Neither party seems to show any strength, and very little integrity. To hold back votes and refuse to discuss subjects of urgent need has become a pattern in both houses. The voters are all too aware of the deficiencies displayed by their elected officials. It’s becoming apparent, both parties are ignoring the messages being sent by the early election results.

The people want a change, not just a change in the party who will be in control, but a change in the way our country is to be run, by either party. Many say the two-party system is costing too much and providing too little.

It’s too late to just send a check to your favorite politician’s campaign fund and hope they act to represent you. Now that the Michigan primary election is history we can all look forward to what our choice may be in November (if candidates are ever selected). Every person who votes needs to be certain, beyond any doubt, the person they cast a ballot for will be acting on their behalf. Too often members of both parties have failed to show up or vote on topics of grave concern. Whom are they working for? Their super PACs or “we the people”?

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