"Where is The Democracy?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, April 15, 2016

Why is it in politics that the rules change every day? The speeches change, the questions change, and the answers change.

Our country has always boasted and bragged that our “democratic” process of electing those who will represent us in government: village, county, state and country — it is the best.

Why when a candidate, running for the highest office in our country, assumes a leading position among 17 of his party’s choices, does everything change? Why is the RNC so afraid of Donald Trump?

How can a person, who never chose to run in 2016, become the spokesperson of the party? A person that the electorate, in prior elections, turned down twice? If we did not want Mr. Romney to lead our country, why would we want him to choose our leader?

I’m certain a large percentage of voters, myself among them, are still not sure who their final choice will be for our next president. The media is feeding on all the soap opera elements of the election process; presenting it like the Final Four of college basketball’s March Madness or the finals of American Idol or The Voice reality shows on TV. The sitcoms and late shows are full of commentary making fun of all the action. Sure, all the drama makes for guaranteed viewing and continued ad sales, but why is there no substance? I work in the media but have to wonder, is it OK that our election has been turned into a circus?

If a candidate misspeaks while being interviewed, as they all have, they should be allowed to clarify and perhaps retract a comment. The offending statement should not be repeated over and over for an extended period. Both parties are guilty of using this tactic in their campaigns. The early debates with Clinton and Sanders were very mild mannered and congenial. Each showed respect for their opponent. At this point, it appears to be “full press” as they say in sports jargon and “no holds barred.”

Both parties have managed to interest the younger generation and early registration increases resulted. Many of them who were eligible to vote in prior elections, were just never interested. Perhaps because of all the drama, now they are.

Most of the electorate — new and old — are unhappy with how the system does not work to produce a leader we can all respect and get behind. This election is re-enforcing that belief.

How can the rules of electing a president of our country be changed before the final decision of whom is placed on the ballot occurs?

If a party can change their choice of a candidate, why do we have caucuses and primary elections? Those of us, including all the newly registered voters, who art not fully schooled on politics, are wondering why we viewed all the debates (26 at current count). Why do we bother to vote in the caucuses and primaries? If the party leaders can override our choices and pick whomever they want, how can we say we are a “democracy?”

The process being put in place seems to point at “money talks and big spenders have the last say.”

If this is true, why would we want to participate in the election process if our votes won’t count? Why were all those GOP candidates asked to swear to support the person the people would choose as their leader if the party leaders don’t have to support them?

Here’s a thought: While the soap opera of our election is playing out and we are all focused on it, what plans may be moving forward that may jeopardize our country and whomever may eventually be its leader?

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