"Respect is Missing"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, March 26, 2012

Displays of our country’s decent into depravity occur daily. They are overtaking years of work to maintain our above average humanity. Those of us that notice the difference in the day-to-day interactions shudder as all semblance of the past slips away.

By past, I mean just a few years ago. The takeover by the electronic world is only part of the problem. Language is being used which was once called nasty, obscene or even dirty, even by young children. At one time what was once referred to as “swear words” were only used by men, among men in restricted areas (such as lounges).

Today, foul language is heard everywhere. You may be in a park watching a kid’s game of ball and hear an array of words, (often from parents) used only by truck drivers in the past. As you travel through the aisles of a mall or department store, groups of youngsters both male and female, speak in a foul language all their own and loud enough so everyone can hear. We used to be able to ride in our car with the windows down while in traffic. Not now; every other car has music blasting and the lyrics are full of offensive language. Roll the windows up to defend your hearing and turn your own radio on — you guessed it, more nasty words on talk radio and the music channels.

In the past, if a slip of the tongue produced a swear word on TV it was immediately bleeped. Efforts to control the use of swear words caused programming to be in a delay mode to allow bad language to be deleted. Programs that had too many bleeps were replaced with shows that were declared to have cleaner content.

Programming such as Rush Limbaugh’s despicable commentaries and degrading descriptions of people was never allowed. Slang words were frowned upon, let alone the common use of filthy language. I heard the use of S.O.B. — not just the initials the whole phrase, on a prime time news program this week. Many “family hours” of evening TV programming are full of unsuitable language, attire, sex and whatever else the sponsors are willing to tolerate. Grandparents are often embarrassed to view TV with their grandkids because of the alarming content that may pop up.

As I see it, the FCC has apparently relaxed all rules and the Supreme Court has ruled for freedom of any speech. A few days ago I heard a conversation between a mother and her very young son in the grocery store. He was pleading for a certain brand of cereal. The mother won the battle but not before the young child (around 6 years old) blurted out an obscenity at her. The mother stood helpless with downcast eyes.

In the past, any youngster using such language to his mother would have gotten a slap across the mouth. Not in today’s “free” society.

Young people are taught in kindergarten on up if a parent slaps or spanks them they should call 911 and we know they all have phones handy.

A parent could be put in jail and actually lose custody of their child. If the laws applied today were used in the past, the jails would have been full of parents. Respect for parents and most adults was a trait most young people developed growing up and it continued on into adulthood. I don’t advocate teachers being allowed to strike students but some of the same teachers telling kids to dial 911 would, not that long ago, crack a ruler across an offender’s knuckles.

I may be old-fashioned, a prude or whatever other title is current but I was never embarrassed while out in public with my family. What can be done about it First, get rid of 90 percent of the “civil rights” attorneys making fortunes from the decay of our country’s moral fiber. We probably can’t do that, but Fels-Naptha soap is still for sale and could come in handy. Any improvement has to begin in the homes where our young people are expected to be taught “respect.”





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