"NBA Owner Has Many Battles"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, May 12, 2014

Headlines and what they tell us are easy to find. We are confronted with “breaking news” hourly that may change several times in reports at a later time. Updates of any and all news flashes are sure to keep coming.

For example the headline reports of statements made by Los Angeles Clippers basketball team owner Donald Sterling. First the recording of him defaming blacks. Later, he admitted the video played to the world was accurate. His despicable display of racist comments were not questioned. He admitted to saying them.

As the headline news reports continued hourly there was “breaking news” that announced Sterling has prostate cancer.

The announcement that Sterling has prostate cancer seems to have many of the blacks who spoke out against him sitting back and re-considering. Why? Statistics show a very high percentage of males, white and black, will have or have had this cancer. It has been proven the disease can affect other areas of the body. I’ve read many reports on the disease but none that say it causes a cancellation of the use of the brain.

New headline news tell us many of those who took a strong stand in support of the black players are seemingly backing off because of the latest development — Sterling’s cancer.

I’ve waited to see a statement from Al Sharpton. He took a strong position in favor of the black players. Sharpton’s usual rantings about racism indicates he would not hesitate to consider a person’s personal problems.

With the ability to receive news updates via many mediums, TV, radio, satellite radio and the Internet, it is difficult to follow any information that is not contradicted from one outlet to another.

The lineup of interviews with many of those who spoke out boldly initially when the issue began is forming once again. Many are eager to offer apologetic statements. One of those speaking up was Doc Rivers who was outspoken in denouncing Sterling’s rantings on the now public video. His current statement revealed he had not heard about the cancer (which has been public knowledge for two years). He went on to say he was very sorry to learn the latest news.

A couple of the players who spoke against Sterling also are expressing the cancer problem was not known to them. They even went on to say, “God bless him.” Do you suppose they also read the signature on their pay check? Do you think they really care?

Why would anyone question Sterling’s foot in mouth disease? The facts speak for themselves.

If you remove the black population from the fan base, a major portion of financial support of the team disappears. If you upset the black players, you may get them very disturbed. They may even take leave of playing altogether. This would be pretty unlikely however because of the loss of income they would suffer.

Try to imagine a professional basketball game without black players. Now imagine paying to see that game.

I admit not all basketball stars are black. But they do contribute a great display of skill to the game and it would quickly fall from fame without them.

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