"Let's Furlough Them All"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, October 4, 2013

In the past, if you wanted to enjoy a good drama you could select a book, go to the local playhouse or take in a movie. In today’s world, however, just turn on your TV or pick up a newspaper and observe political statements. You’ll get more drama than most people can handle.

Sit back and note — the cast members are people we elected. Do they really think they represent us?

A few days ago Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, delivered a 21 hour, 19 minute marathon speech on the Senate floor. It was not a filibuster, just a speech. Perhaps it could be described as a dramatic attempt to draw attention. Had you ever heard of Sen. Cruz before?

Not being able to avoid doing so, I took note of a few quotes from what I call a debacle not a speech. I must admit, I don’t ever recall watching a politician make a fool of himself more thoroughly than Sen. Cruz. For a grown man to prove he could waste more time by reading from and deciphering “The Cat in the Hat” is beyond comprehension. It proved to be only one of the many ridiculous items noted during his wasted time.

Sen. John McCain, also a Republican, received press by expounding upon what a fool Sen. Cruz had made of himself. I don’t always agree with McCain, but this time I was happy to do so. Several days of drama were delivered this week in the debates about shutting down the government, all under the watchful eye of the entire world.

As I recall, wasn’t Obamacare introduced within a few months of President Obama taking office? I believe that would be more than five years ago. It has been a major subject discussed by the House and Senate for all of those years and yet the 11th hour dawned and its fate is still unsettled.

I am not for or against Obamacare. I just want to point out that we have witnessed more drama from all parties: Republican, Democrat and oh, yes, the Tea Party, with no successful conclusions.

Few if any of us, or obviously our elected officials, understand all parts of Obamacare. As I see it, if one or the other party or better yet, both of them could actually explain the good and bad aspects of the Affordable Care Act we could move forward. Why don’t they just openly address to the general public their ideas on how to accept or reject it without mentioning green eggs and ham?

Why can’t our elected officials show their constituents they actually are trying to work for them and accomplish something gainful before their terms expire?

I have always believed if a subject is baffling, set it aside and do something else. Then go back to it and try again. Doing this has always worked for me, so why haven’t our politicians tried it? Shutting down our country only highlights to the rest of the world our inability to elect representatives willing to work on our behalf.

A review of the list of shutdowns and those that will occur may seem irrelevant if they do not impact our daily lives but they are affecting many. The closure of our national parks and museums to our population wishing to visit them tells the rest of the world: we have no regard for our people. The shutdown announces: we are a super power but we can’t agree on how to keep our country running.

Some of the shutdowns may not be so bad. All IRA audits are suspended and three-fourths of the White House staffers will be furloughed. I suggest we cut off pay to the congressional bodies – Senate, House and the president because they spend a lot of time on furlough anyway. Bet that would settle the issue quickly.




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