"Our People Are Strong"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Monday, January 18, 2016

Our country is really troubled, but its citizens are strong.

We pass laws we cannot enforce. We claim innocence then cry foul whenever we are questioned. Should we be following ideas suggesting we fear our leaders therefore we must arm ourselves?

I asked a friend why he had an assault weapon. His reply was, “Because I can.” Why does everyone rise up in protest whenever it is suggested a measure of control be placed on gun sales such as at public gun shows? Do they believe it is wise to let just anyone walk into a show and purchase a weapon capable of killing a great number of people? Who are the people who feel a need for an assault weapon? Should we not be concerned they may generate mayhem? And, why are automatic, high-powered weapons allowed to be sold to just anyone?

Am I the only one asking the above questions?

It’s difficult to watch the morning news without hearing of innocent bystanders being shot, particularly children who were in the line of fire. Random attacks with assault weapons, that spray hundreds of rounds, are common. The defense offered that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is not comforting to a mother holding a dying child.

Please do not think I don’t support our Second Amendment right to bear arms. I served as a police officer and carried a gun as part of my uniform. I also spent years afield with my hunting rifles. I have to ask, however, can anyone really believe when the amendment was drafted it was intended to protect those using high-powered assault weapons to kill innocent people?

I am not even in favor of law enforcement members using them. The only ones in need of automatic, high-powered weapons are those in the military, to protect us and themselves. As they risk their lives to safeguard our country, they must be armed with lethal weapons. Has it become the job of ordinary citizens to perform as military support?

The proliferation of drugs is also an item on daily news reports. There seems to be little that can be done to stem the influx of illegal drugs. As the price becomes so attractive there are more and more users. The drugs and the guns go hand in hand, but which came first? There has to be a way to stop the flow of both of them. The gun dealers are becoming wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Look up how many gun shows are taking place throughout the country compared to just a few years ago. Thousands of people are buying the assault weapons — because they can.

The recent unrest throughout the country being blamed on ISIS influence is of grave concern. It is leading to an unfair singling out of a segment of our society. Perhaps their leaders should step forth in defense and offer assistance to control some of the problems. They should seek out and expose the people who are causing such condemnation.

Our country has been made up of many nationalities and faiths since its inception. To suggest rejection of any one group goes against what we have always known and would not solve our problems. What we cannot allow is one segment of our society attempting to force their members to follow specific leaders. If that is their desire, they should leave and seek a place to live that does not offer the freedoms our country enjoys.

We cannot be led into wars that have plagued many countries worldwide since the beginning of written records. The conflicts must be resolved by those who perpetrate them and controlled by leaders who understand the harmful effects they cause.

As I see it, our country will not choose a group or religion to follow. Our citizens will continue to enjoy freedom of choice and seek their own destinies. Those groups who persist in causing unrest and claiming credit for terrorist acts to show their superiority must be exposed and expelled. Our citizens, of all faiths and nationalities, will come together to accomplish this as they have throughout our country’s brief history. Read your history books and you will realize the truth of what I say.

My final question is: Why would anyone want to live in constant war and fear of death, sunk in a quagmire of despair, instead of peace and serenity?

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