"Think About What You Did Today"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just STOP. Ask yourself, “What did I do today?” You can’t answer, “Nothing” because you are doing something right now. Often we rush through the day then say, “I didn’t do anything all day.”

Perhaps you should make a mental note of what you do as the day progresses. You may make a new acquaintance or even meet your next best friend. You may encounter a past acquaintance, one you were on a “hello” basis with but never took the time to stop and chat. If you enjoyed their company in the past, stop and take the time to get reacquainted. You may help them along in their day by giving them advice or better yet, they may be eager to help you with a project.

If what I noted above was the case, you probably thought you had not accomplished much, but if you learned how to do something, you’re ahead. So you did do something today. You may not use the knowledge you gained for some time, but it still should be counted as an accomplishment.

When you run into old friends you haven’t seen in a long time, pause and ask how they have been, chat for a while. You don’t have to see friends often to be friends, and it’s fun to find out how they are going about their lives. Ask what’s changed since you last met or what major life events may have occurred. If you were not aware of them, you may wish to offer congratulations or sympathy. A day can be counted as great if you just stop, enjoy a few moments by inserting an unintended visit; over a cup of coffee or maybe a beer.

If you ran into a new person you just recently met and you want to be friends with them, you have to make the effort. It really can be just that easy.

For some of us, the suggestion of making a mental note is not too helpful because we tend to forget easily. Why not get a notebook; each day, date the top of the page and log the day’s experiences and encounters. If you were introduced to someone, note his or her name (all of us forget names), how and where you met and what they said that interested you. You may have learned you have a common hobby or activity. The next day, start out by reading what you noted the day before — you may have started something you wish to continue.

If you list all your activities, when you’re bored, read your daily notebook to see if there is something you forgot to complete or someone you meant to call. That call may result in the current day’s achievement.

OK, so if you note — mental or written — a day’s activities and recall all of your actions, you will find you can’t say, “I didn’t do a thing all day.” If you check your notes, you may remember something you wanted to do today.

I recently had an experience that made me think about the advice I’m offering. I sought out an old friend who gave me great advice that helped me. That same day, I was able to help him with something he was doing. We had a chance to chat and I caught up on some events in his life. During the encounter with my old friend, I met someone I hope will be a new friend and I have learned a lot from him already.

I’m pretty good with the mental notes, but have to admit the file drawer is getting full, so I took my own advice and started a notebook. It’s not that organized, but I do find it helpful.




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