"It's The People's Choice"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 20, 2016

The people throughout our country are voicing, via their primary vote tallies, just how they feel. It’s not about the Republicans or the Democrats, it’s about the whole political election process. Both parties need to start paying attention to what the people are expressing.

They want representatives that they elect to represent them. They don’t want those making huge super PAC donations buying actions and then calling in IOUs later to decide who is going to be their leader. This practice has infuriated the electorate from both parties. Many have announced they will be staying home on Election Day.

As I see it, staying home and not using your vote, a privilege for those living in a free country, is not going to change anything.

Younger voters, many new to the process, have told both parties they want change and would welcome the support of the undecided. It’s obvious party leaders do not have total control of members of their parties.

I don’t believe Bernie Sanders will ever admit defeat. He certainly woke up the younger generation. He and Donald Trump have appealed to and awakened those who never displayed an interest in the political process. Those working to change the rules and place roadblocks upon either of them risk losing the new voters. They will believe their choices don’t matter. If those new voters are lost, will they come back for the general election? Will they change parties?

Who would have believed when the primary process began with 17 candidates in the running for the Republicans, Trump would beat Hillary Clinton to the final lap for the presidential candidacy? It’s hard to believe Trump is even still in the race, let alone leading it after fighting all the opponents, party leaders and the media. And to still be labeled, “presumptive.” Either he is or he is not the candidate. After all, the others have failed and with all the votes cast to date — why use that term?

Why keep introducing a candidate that failed to gain the support of the people? Mitt Romney was not a choice in the past and the people have not chosen him in any way to be one now.

Both parties’ seated congressional leaders need to be watching carefully and tuning into what the people are demanding. The voters want change now and will be looking for those who are ready to provide it. If candidates are not willing to actually serve their constituents, they will not be re-elected. People are expecting important matters affecting the country be acted upon — not tabled or filibustered.

With Trump the “presumptive” GOP candidate and Clinton “presumed” to represent the Democrats, what will the media do?

They announced: “It’s a whole new political landscape.” Many major cable networks have spent entire days on political coverage, throwing in a news blip occasionally. They will have to scramble to keep their interviewers busy now that there are only two candidates to follow around.

I had hoped we wouldn’t see as much controversy and mudslinging between Trump and Clinton but there is little chance of that. Let’s just hope they don’t go on the debate trail.

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