"A Chat With Santa"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday,December 22, 2017

Is your wallet empty? Is your live tree still alive? There are just two days left to make the mad dash and pick up any last-minute gifts.

Santa is really looking forward to his long trip. Few of us realize that covering the entire Christmas route can be quite an adventure. The weather conditions will change many times. The reindeer will find themselves flying through a warm and sunny area one day and on the very next day it can be cold and blustery.

Having Rudolph along is helpful with his bright red nose guiding the team through the foggy, snowy areas. He is almost like an electronic GPS because he knows the way. I have had a few chats with Santa over the years, and he confided that after his long trip, the entire sled needs to be rebuilt. He does carry spare runners, however, in case the ice and snow warms up too quickly and the sled bogs down.

While I was chatting with Santa, I asked what his favorite cookies are. His response came quickly, “Chocolate chip, butterscotch chip and all the rest.”

He told me sometimes he receives so many he gets to share them with the reindeer. Santa also told me some of the stops he makes provide a glass of milk. Television stations track his progress and broadcast when he is expected to arrive. This works well for Santa because in areas where it is real cold, folks will leave him hot chocolate, which is a treat after being in that cold sled.

I’m sure my son-in-law Mike will be happy to see the holiday season pass because he is hoping to send Pat and I with Santa as he departs the area. Santa and all his helpers will put away the big chairs and Santa will be happy not to have to be handed crying babies or have youngsters with soggy pants jumping in his lap.

He will also not have to hear that same question, “What did my child ask for?”

As if Santa can tell what child goes with what parent?

After answering all inquiries, what does he do with leftover requests he could not match up? In just a couple days when the big gang of Santa helpers head back to the North Pole, they will look over all those requests. Perhaps they will ask Santa if he can deliver them to some needy poor children.

When all deliveries are made and Santa returns from his last run, he will get the reindeer out of their harnesses and turn them loose to rest and get a bite to eat after their exhausting trip. Mrs. Claus will greet him and give him a well-earned meal with some warm egg nog to sip.

The last chance I had to chat with Santa, I caught him napping under a palm tree waiting for his helpers. They were rounding up some of the reindeer who had wandered off to catch some of the warm breezes.

He wished me a very Merry Christmas and told me to pass his greeting on to all my readers.

Merry Christmas from Santa and Capt. Fred.

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