"Find The Time"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, July 1, 2011

It appears to me we are all rushing — always in a hurry. These days, there are so many things that must be done — and so little time in which to do them. “At the end of the day,” there is still a lot to do and time has run out.

Did you ever wonder how your parents managed to get everything done (without electronics) and still have time left?

Think about it. There was time to go bowling every week, time to get together with friends and play cards once a week. Some parents even had time to go out dancing or to the show.

Times have changed over the years, but give or take a second or two every 10 years, there is still the same amount of time in a day. It just doesn’t seem to ever be enough. Not enough to visit with friends or neighbors, watch a daily soap, stop for a few beers with the guys or have afternoon tea with the girls. Let’s try to gather up a little extra time.

Watch your soap once a month. You will never know you missed anything. Stop running out to shop so often, some people shop daily, they don’t want to miss a sale or want to use a coupon. Often, when you rush out to the store, the item is sold out and you have to make a return trip to get it with a rain check (maybe). Think about those items on sale or coupon offers — do you really need them NOW? Is what you may save worth the gas you spend to get them, especially if you make two trips?

One answer to where the time goes is evident: Coupons and BIG SALES were not as prevalent in the past, and the person who did the shopping only made the trip once a week. Husband and wife often went together and enjoyed a lunch or dinner on shopping day. This was actually time and cost savings: The shopping and dinner combined saved time and the gas to travel was spent once.

When you save time, you have it to spend. Take a leisurely walk, ride your bike, play with your kids. Visit a farmers market for your leisurely stroll. Pick up some fresh veggies, eggs, chicken, baked goods and fresh flowers to brighten things up around the yard. The greatest thing about a farmers market is the people you encounter. The craft vendors are a delight, sharing their secrets of how they make their goods. What I enjoy most is meeting up with old friends and grabbing a seat at the picnic tables provided to chat about old times.

This is the fourth of July weekend! We have all looked forward to it so get out and enjoy your surroundings. Take a ride along the shoreline, stop at one of the roadside parks and enjoy the beach or just gaze at the lake. Stroll through the paths in the woods — some are still pretty wet so be careful.

As you drive the country roads near wooded areas, you may get a treat as a fawn is feeding with its mom or just bouncing around. You may also see a buck or two. If you are a hunter, it’s nice to be reminded of what they look like.

Most towns in the Thumb celebrate the 4th in a big way... Parades, tractor pulls and best of all giant fireworks! If you are not lucky enough to visit a parade or fireworks display with little kids, then sit by someone else’s kids and observe. This will make your day — the kids love the 4th!

As I see it, we were saddened this past week by the loss of one of our own, but we need to be grateful for what he gave his life for: Our independence.

May you all have a safe and happy holiday.




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