"Shutdown Shame"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, January 26, 2019

Dear Mr. President, I think it’s time for you to check your job description. It’s also time to recall how you got the job in the first place. I’m pretty sure you remember how hard you worked to convince the electorate that you would do a better job than all the other choices.

You need to think of all the federal employee who have followed your directives and supported your presidency thus far. It matters not if they happen to be Democrats or Republicans: Their kids still get hungry, the landlord or bank still wants a payment, and the grocer will need payment at the store.

I’m sure at day’s end, you are hungry for dinner, right? Your meal will show up right on schedule so you don’t have any concerns and neither does Nancy Pelosi. You didn’t need to skip your paycheck since you are well off enough to not need it. All of the congressional members are not concerned because they will get a paycheck even though they surly do not earn it or deserve it.

Mr. President you are right, we need to stop the flow of people entering our country illegally. You must know a fence of steel as you proposed will not stop them. They will enter in other vulnerable areas because the will to live in the “Home of the Free and the Brave” is overwhelming. When they gain entry, they go to work for less pay, or even just food for their family if they accompanied them. They often cause those who hire them to commit illegal acts because they may not withhold taxes that are required to be paid for legal employees. For the benefit of those trying to enter and those who suffer consequences if they enter, we need to close our borders — all of them.

It really does not matter that you told your supporters that Mexico would pay for a wall — and tell us now that with trade adjustments they have done so. Just answer these questions. Why should workers who have no control over the present situation be made to pay the cost of the impasses? Why are elected officials, our presumed government representatives, allowed to literally take the food from the mouths of the people who work for all of us? How can it be possible that people who profess to work for the good of all of us are able to live their daily lives while 800,000 hardworking people suffer such hardships?

Mr. President and Mrs. Pelosi, you need to find a way to justify withholding pay from people who did nothing but show up for work each day. You need to explain why you are casting our country into such jeopardy and bringing ridicule upon us worldwide.

As I see it, we must all remember exactly who those congressional representatives were when they come up for re-election and boot them out so they won’t continue to get paychecks.

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