"We Need More 'Home' in Our Security"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, May 10, 2013

I see it, but I don’t understand it.

We make claims that we are the greatest country in the world. I know of none better, but I still can’t believe what I see and hear.

We have the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE plus Homeland Security, the Marshals Service, Navy Seals and many additional federal government investigative (spy) agencies that work on our behalf.

We distribute “bags of money,” reported to be $350,000 a month, just to maintain favorable “contacts” with foreign leaders. Many of them fail to help us but they stay on the payroll. They request arms, food and our personnel to train their armies, yet hide our enemies and get angry when we find them. They keep their hands out while placing our country in danger.

Sure, once in a while they provide a little helpful information. But we have reported instances when that information is ignored, such as the Benghazi Embassy attack.

If we do follow up, it’s said we cannot verify the intel, so we quit trying. Why don’t we dig into that “bag of money” and reward only those who give us intel we can verify? Wouldn’t that be better than just throwing it in the wind?

We urgently need to put the welfare of our country first — put the home in Homeland Security. We are recently focusing on our Bill of Rights amendments. The very first amendment to our Constitution offers freedom of religion. Our country has people of many, many faiths all enjoying our freedoms to practice them in their own way. Does our Bill of Rights extend that freedom to radicals within those faiths?

Our country has welcomed many people who practice Islamic beliefs; they have built mosques to gather in all over our country to continue their way of faith. Are they aware of the radical members they may be including? We, of all faiths, need to make a stand and demand that those who display radical behavior leave our country. Let them radicalize hatred of others in their own regions.

As the Boston bombing incident dominated the news, we heard the reviews of all the attempted terror actions such as the Times Square bomber, shoe bomber and underwear bomber described. Have we gotten used to the possibility of being attacked at any time, anyplace? Have we slacked on security? How many major tragedies will it take to wake up our sleeping giant and make him protect his own people — not the world’s.

A radical we knew to be a danger to our country was allowed to leave our country and return unobstructed. We were warned a long time prior to his heinous actions that he had been investigated by the FBI. The reports included warnings from an area of first-hand knowledge, yet they were ignored.

We now know information gathered from cell phone records and Internet communications connected the bombers to an upcoming event via the type of equipment being sought.

Why wasn’t this information acted on before not after the tragedy occurred?

I believe after the Patriot Act was passed, we the citizens of the United States lost many of our freedoms and are under increased surveillance. Radical foreigners however seem able to move about freely, connect with one another, and pass information unhindered. More than one involved in the Boston bombing was allowed to travel back and forth to known countries on our watch list without fear of detection.

Was anyone surprised to learn three additional arrests were made and those individuals knew all about the bomb making?

Didn’t we learn from 9-11; because we taught our attackers how to fly our aircraft, we needed more vigilance? Didn’t that day demonstrate to all our “investigative” branches of the federal government that we needed to do more than establish another branch of security called Homeland? We must practice security right here at home now.




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