"Do People Pay Attention to What They Say?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, July 20, 2012

A week or so ago, there was a warning about a severe virus attack on 64,000 computers. The coverage on CNN was presented by a person introduced as an “expert.” He stated, “The FBI knew about the problem for over a year and took steps to minimize damage and number of computers affected.”

The expert went on to tell us the FBI provided a block but would have to take it down at this time. Computers that were infected with the virus would not be able to go online. Immediately following that statement he said, “To determine if you are infected go to www.DCWG.org and you will see a screen that looks like this, which means you are OK.” At that point he held up his computer to show us what we would see on our computers.

It appeared to me the man had not listened to what he said. If you could not go online, how could you type in a web address?

My main concern about this event is; how can our government enter our computers to determine if we have a virus? If they can do that, what other information can they gather? Can you say, “Big Brother?”

Both candidates for President: Mitt Romney, I guess, and President Obama, for sure, have made many campaign promises. Each has accused the other of questionable actions. Romney is declaring the Obama health care plan is no good, it’s a tax. The known facts are the Supreme Court ruled the “penalty” is a tax. If that is so, Romney’s proposed plan (which will cost more) is also a tax.

Obama is badgering Romney to explain his offshore bank accounts. He is accused of having more than a dozen such accounts. Does anyone think he will give an explanation? He won’t even provide more than two year’s tax return. The Supreme Court decisions, combined with request for financial information have created a holiday event for most of the major columnists. I’ve tried to avoid commenting on the political front since all I know is what is available via the news media.

I am finding it difficult to decide whom I can support because each time a candidate appears on TV they seem to reverse what they had gone on record stating earlier. Has Mr. Romney ever created jobs? He often speaks of his Bain Corp. position. He forgets to mention how many millions he made before he caused the GST Steel Co. to file for bankruptcy. All those employed at GST lost their jobs. Many additional companies suffered the same fate. So how were jobs created?

As I see it, we should ask Obama, Romney and the Republican Congress to step aside. Let’s have the winner of the 2012 home run derby, the highest-ranking female contestant on the U.S. Gymnastic Team and the winner of America’s Got Talent take their place. We will allow the three to choose running mates of equal stature. They must all reveal their income status in the U.S. and abroad. We will create a ballot with three parties (chosen by the candidates) and present it on Election Day.

Once elected, the winner must agree to appoint a Congress that swears to work for the betterment of our country. They must do so without any political affiliation or agenda to work against the chosen leaders.




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