"Let's Start Over"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, December 31, 2016

The end has come: No more 2016! It was a tumultuous year that seemed endless. Perhaps not the worst year, but certainly not the best.

Last year at this time I commented, “As we look forward to the presidential election, still in the distant future, we can only hope the list of impossible undertakings and promises will shrink.”

As the election year moved along, we heard many promises of change. Some of us believed change would be good for our country while others feared the proposed changes. When Election Day got nearer, one party’s candidate drew large numbers of supporters but lost support of many of his own party leaders. Controversy surrounded him at every turn. He challenged his opponents to speak up for the majority and strive for a “Greater America.” Soon all of the long list of contenders faded and weakened, unable to address urgent questions asked by the electorate.

When Donald Trump became the Republican’s choice to represent his party, he began to speak about the changes he would make. He outlined repeatedly what he would do in his first 100 days in office. His opponent warned that the many changes he proposed were dangerous for our country and vigorously debated all his ideas.

When Election Day arrived and predictions of a Democrat victory were announced by all media sources and polls, exit polls were tallied. The TV coverage initially began to confirm a Democratic victory. What all the media people failed to note was comments made by those leaving the voting booths were not their honest expressions. Many still did not want to confirm what choice they had made.

As I see it, the electorate’s choice was not for a person but a new path for our country. Change was the choice made, hope for a better life for families struggling to get ahead. A mandate was delivered with their votes to indeed make America great again.

With 2016 drawing to a close, we are witnessing actions being taken that are totally new and perhaps uncertain. But we are hopeful they will strengthen our country as we go forward into 2017. Many questions are on our minds as we closely watch the New Year begin to unfold.

Will we “Boldly go where no one has gone before?” Chart unknown territory? Is our stock market a measure of renewed strength as it surges to all-time heights? Will our strength be reflected by how other countries regard us?

I sincerely wish to extend to everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and express hope for a better future for all of us.

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