"It Was A Long Weekend"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day, and a wonderful three days off, was a big success here in the Thumb.

Some areas celebrated with parades or flags and floats. Many people however have little or no knowledge of what Labor Day is commemorating. Some think it’s a celebration of worker unions, others think it’s a time to prepare for the hard work preceding winter.

Actually, the first Labor Day occurred on Sept. 5, 1882, and in 1894 it was named a federal holiday as a tribute to contributions and achievements of American workers. President Grover Cleveland declared the first Monday in September as Labor Day which ensured there would be a three-day holiday weekend.

Today, Labor Day is observed both in the U.S. and Canada by all workers — union members or not. It is a holiday for those who don’t even work. The three-day weekend has turned into a celebration of the end of summer. AAA reports told of a record traffic count for the weekend due to the lowest gas price since 2003 and employment improvements. News Now declared it the busiest travel day since 2008 with 35.5 million travelers on the move, 85 percent of them by car.

The weatherman’s threats of bad weather made little or no difference to the Labor Day travelers. Highways were clogged with traffic, motels and campgrounds were filled to capacity and marinas and docks were full of boats and trailers. Anglers could be seen offshore hoping to catch a few fresh fish, others were cruising along the waterway just enjoying the tranquility found only on the water.

Kayaks, along with canoes, were everywhere. Even paddle boats could be seen bobbing around in the sun, able to view nature’s artwork along the shoreline. Some enjoyed taking snapshots of the caves cut into the sandstone or rock islands close to shore.

Most of those seeking a long weekend of relaxation on a beach should have been able to find it easily along Huron County’s 90 miles of sandy stretches. Children were eagerly digging in the sand or wading in the cool water as the ripples splashed against them. Even the rest stops along the shore were crowded with picnickers. The whole area was set alight in the evenings as campfires were lit and many a hotdog met its demise. Marshmallows toasted on a stick or s’mores (even the new kind) provided a treat for kids of all ages.

The presidential candidates were on the move also stumping all over the country. Poll positions were also moving but the holiday weekend did not impact them very much. Iowa was the focus for many and Trump and Carson are the only two Republican candidates in double digits. It’s difficult to believe we actually only have 14 months before we can go to the real polls to cast our ballots.

As I see it, we can only hope the media will spread its attention beyond Hillary and Trump. I’ll see what I can discern by asking for opinions on how people are feeling about the candidates.

When I have asked, “Whom do you like?” Many say Trump — young and old. Their reason: “It’s time for a change in politics.” Tune in for my update next week.


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