"So Many Questions To Answer"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, August 8, 2014

What side are we on and why? The repeated wars over the Gaza Strip invoke many questions.

Why did news reports note the U.S. had pledged $47 million to help re-build the Gaza Strip and declare we had provided $3.1 billion to Israel? It’s said the pledge was to continue support of the Iron Dome that is Israel’s missile defense system.

How can we be supporting both sides of the ongoing conflict?

When they fire rockets at targets that won’t harm civilians, the Israelis claim to have very sophisticated detection equipment. How, one wonders, could the Hamas have built all those tunnels without being discovered? How did they stockpile more than 1,000 rockets? If it was known they had them, how did Israel expect they would be used?

As the conflict continued and Israel declared cease-fires and the Palestinians did not agree, why was it a surprise when the rockets keep flying?

And as all the attention is focused on the Middle East, Mr. Vladimir Putin continues flexing his muscle in the Ukraine. There were recordings of statements admitting a passenger plane had been shot down. There was video of the rocket launcher, with one spent rocket, returning to Russian territory. Why is there any question regarding who was responsible? If all parties deny their part in the action, why did they all work together refusing inspectors entry to investigate the crash site?

Why do we threaten Mr. Putin and expect him to believe us after we have drawn all those lines in the sand saying “or else?” As I see it, each line has been crossed with no response. So what does “or else” mean?

Why do people not bother to vote and complain about the outcome of elections? I listened to a heated discussion between two people regarding candidates running for office. They were both in the same party, seeking the same position from the same district. I just came across one of the two and asked him, “Why did you think your opinion was so important?” He admitted he did not vote saying, “It was only the primary so why bother.”

As the recent election proved, the primary made all the difference to those who fought so hard for the offices they sought. I travel a good deal by car and the price of gas just baffles me. Prices vary in many states and that is somewhat understandable with variable tax levies.

I just don’t understand how gas prices can fluctuate so much in the same county. Last week, I noted a big difference. Three stations, selling the same brand, all had a different price. The highest was 44 cents above the lowest. When I traveled out of the area about 50 miles, the price for that same brand was 12 cents less a gallon than in our county.

Why do medical opinions differ between doctors? I know doctors are said to be practicing but don’t they do a few things on purpose? I treat with a very popular and well-regarded doctor who sure does not seem like he is practicing. To the contrary, he has been perfect for years.

I walked into his office a couple months back and before I announced why I was there, he told me what was wrong with me. He gave me a prescription and a week later I was fine. It’s great to know that your caregiver continues to follow medical updates closely. I have thrown him a curve with my current glitch, but I know he will find a fix for it.

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