"We're Watching Our Lifestyle Slip Away"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, January 24, 2015

What in the world is happening — or, what is happening in our world?

I’ve been around long enough to enjoy my first grandchild’s upcoming marriage which will be a great joy.

I have mixed emotions however because I am fearful of the future for all my grandkids and their future families.

What can they expect? What do they deserve? Certainly not what is taking place in today’s world? Most of my generation tried to teach our children responsibility, right from wrong and pride in themselves and their surroundings. We instilled in them an awareness to learn and the value of education. When they were old enough, we explained the need to vote and why they should carefully choose candidates.

Variety and choice of religion was discussed in our family.

We attempted to understand other religions and yet admitted we often found them confusing. We did accept that each had their own way of showing praise for their god and the right to celebrate their beliefs.

I have never written about religion but feel compelled to because of the conflicts throughout the world. As a Protestant, growing up in the Methodist faith, I enjoyed attending my church’s youth group activities. One was to attend services at other faith’s churches in the area: Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Baptist, Islam, Christian Scientist and any additional ones the leaders could find. The experience gave me a better understanding of other faiths and down through the years I had friends who practiced many of them. Until now, I have never felt fear of any belief.

I always found the Catholic practices somewhat unusual but many of my good friends demonstrated a sincere devotion and faithfulness to their beliefs and I respected them. With all the upheaval in today’s world, it’s hard to know how to feel about your faith. I do think Pope Francis is the greatest religious leader because he displays such great compassion for all — not just his flock. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each religion had a leader like Pope Francis?

In the years of parenting, my children were taught to understand the troubles of the world as well as those of our community. My wife and I always demonstrated pride in our small town and its school system. Village activities and services always found our support. We attempted to pass our feelings on to our children and their families and be available to advise or listen to troubling matters they may have had to deal with.

Many of us with three-generation families must wonder where today’s lifestyles are leading them. How can our teachings and beliefs be passed on when those chosen to lead us live by totally different standards? Our political representatives fight over how to direct our lives as they waste our tax dollars and cause great difficulty for us to believe any promises made.

Skin color, religion, ethnic nationalities all seem to be separating us into groups growing wary of one another. The past practices of segregation seem to be returning and the days of taking what one wants, no matter the consequences are frequent.

The very value of life is rapidly diminishing as we hear of shootings and multiple deaths daily yet we never diminish support for the manufacturer of high-powered weapons. Why? When I was growing up in America, the only shootings heard of were accidental rifle fire by hunters in the woods. Police officers seldom had to draw their gun and their jobs earned the highest respect.

In the past, police officers went to work to serve their communities, to help those in need and once in a while, control the rowdy. They were never fearful as they carried out their duties. Most really enjoyed the work. Many people who encountered an officer on duty greeted them with a smile and perhaps offered them a cold drink if they were serving in the heat or a cup of coffee if they were outside on a cold day.

In today’s world, police, firefighters, EMS, even first responders, many of them volunteers, leave home wondering if their safety will be challenged.

There must be a way that the people of our country can stand up to those who take office, offer promises they never keep, and continue to squander our tax dollars on their agendas. Perhaps there is a need to change the way our government is run right down to its foundation.

As I see it, “Government of the people, by the people and for the people,” does not mean only those people elected. It is supposed to mean all the people.




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