"Colorful Fall, Chores and a Holiday"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Friday, October 25, 2013

The time to relax has arrived. The rush of summer visitors with families, pets and friends enjoying our area activities has ended. Retirees arrive in the fall and extend our business season for a few weeks.

All of us in the Thumb love the beautiful array of colors streaking through the sky and reflecting from the water as the sun sets. The elder visitors seem to like cruising less traveled roads where wildlife pops out of the woods. They may even have to yield to wild turkeys marching across the road. Sometimes they can be spotted on the side of the road taking pictures of barns, giant windmills or fields of crops.

Did I mention relax? Don’t get too comfortable, lots of chores still need to be done. Outside jobs are a lot easier to accomplish before the ice and snow arrive. Many of our colorful trees leaves have given way to gravity and are swirling around creating a big job. Some homes still need to have storm windows put up; a stiff, cold wind blowing makes this task more difficult.

Winterizing vehicles can take a good deal of time. But done right, it makes winter weather easier to handle. Check your tires: if they are getting close to bald you may want to change them before the snow flies. If you have snow tires, get them ready for a quick change when needed. Check your oil: make sure your anti-freeze levels are set to stand the cold weather.

We have already dipped into the 30s and those 20s are probably not too far off. Windshield wipers may need replacement, an easy task when it’s warm, but not so in bitter cold.

With fall color and cool nights come the house and yard displays that announce a fun time of year is approaching. It’s a cherished holiday for the kids and just about my favorite. Right now, most youngsters are busy trying to decide if they should buy a costume or make one. A big decision is whom will they be: girls may wish to be a beauty queen, witch or perhaps a princess or a cat. Boys may choose to be a soldier, Spiderman, maybe a cowboy or Indian, an elephant or tiger wearing a baseball hat? It’s not easy making such an important choice. Parents need to be sure to remember face paint or makeup is a lot safer than a mask and lots more fun to put on. Those heavy canvas shopping bags that moms take to the store are good bags for your treats.

Every year we enjoy visiting with the kids. They get so excited it becomes infectious. When I hold out the “giant bowl” and tell the little ones to dig in and take a handful, they grin from ear to ear. As I see it, it is very rewarding when the trick or treaters chime out, “thank you” accompanied by that big smile. Parents arrive, sometimes also in costume, right alongside their children. The kids need to be watched closely to be sure they don’t dart into the road or fall and get hurt. After all, it’s the only night they can gather bags full of sweets and perhaps only have to share them with Dad.

Well I better put down my pen and head for the stores. Sure hope they are not out of candy yet. I bet it will be hidden behind the early Christmas stuff that is everywhere.



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