"Our Country Has Made a Decision"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Saturday, November 12, 2016

It’s over —the people have spoken!

If you cast your vote for president and it was for a candidate that did not win, it still mattered, you had your say and expressed your opinion. I voted and all my votes did not go to the winners, but I’m happy I exercised my privilege.

To those that are disappointed, think back to the last presidential election. How did that work out? As you reflect over the past few years, little if any positive actions took place as governmental bodies did little but debate and disagree. As I see it, the long battle for the top spot is over: no chads, no lost ballots, no “rigged” action. The GOP came up with a “hat trick” that will surely end all the stalemates in Congress.

It’s time to settle down, pick up the signs and clean up the pre-election rancor. Decisions are made and hopefully a new path will be taken. Those encouraging unrest and protesting are only making losers feel worse and delaying winners from beginning their difficult jobs of transition.

To all those who took to social media to express their negative feelings I say — relax, sit back and be an observer. We can’t change what has occurred. So we should give the new actors the stage and a spotlight — then watch to see what they will do for us. One person told me they are leaving the country. I told them to drop me a line if that’s allowed where you are going. Several other commentators expressed they were packing up and leaving and I will too — but just for the winter.

The world was already changing and now our election becomes another aspect of the change. Worldwide markets slumped after word of our election results spread but in our country, the Dow rose close to a record high. Other countries, especially those that lean on us, may discover actions promised by our government leaders will be delivered. They may have to pay the cost to help deliver on promises made to the American people.

Some of the promises we received were: a cut in the flow of job losses and companies being encouraged to bring business back to our country. Tax advantages for small company start-ups would be offered, re-building of our military and control of immigration. One of the biggest promises made was to stem the flow of illegal drugs entering our country.

Won’t it be great if some of the promises are actually kept?

Yes the world was shaken but apples are still on the trees, the wind is still blowing and autumn leaves are filling each yard.

We are all welcome to rake them, but some of us better not burn them — goodness, there are laws against that. When we get hungry, there is food to put on the table. The sun rises and sets each day and if there is a chill — just turn up the heat. So we still enjoy all the basics of freedom and most of all the freedom to rant about what displeases us.

It is difficult to comprehend the results of the election. Exit poll statements (we know how good those polls really are now) offer conflicting opinions. Some say the economy was the biggest issue and influenced a vote for Trump. In our area, it’s hard to believe that was the motive because we gave an overwhelming support vote for every Upper Thumb millage proposal.

You probably read the statistics for Huron County votes: the registered voter tally had increased over prior years and the actual turnout was 61 percent, slightly less than in 2008. The decisive vote for Trump at 67 percent vs. 29 percent for Clinton, is a mandate delivered from our community. The mandate is also echoed by many other rural communities nationwide — we want political change.

The Thumb is on the road to improvements and its citizens want them to continue. We love our small cities, towns and villages and want Washington to assist us — not encumber us. Our residents and small business owners are tired of the federal government’s lack of support. Perhaps the president-elect heard something none of the other candidates or media did. We should be patient and see what the first 100 days bring..

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