"Is World Peace Slipping Away?"
By Capt. Fred Davis
Published: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

World peace is little more than a dream.

Our country opened our doors to all. We blended our individual faiths, customs and beliefs. We learned to live peacefully together as a nation; working side by side without conflicts. Yet we are suddenly challenging each other. Why?

As the world grows flat via social media, trading its materials, skills and values, there is more unrest than ever before. Each country strives to find its own strongholds and carve out its place in this new flat world; seeking supremacy over others.

While struggling for position, many countries have been financially weakened and turned to the U.S. for support. We generously give our help in every way; labor, services; science and the lives of our troops. Of course we have shared our wealth and loaned so much of it to other countries, we now have to borrow.

As the dream for peace gets further away each day, our ability to secure it appears to be out of reach. We supported the takeover of foreign lands and ousting of their leaders; dictators that held entire populations captive and killed all who spoke against them. Headlines declare on a daily basis the fact there is no control of events. The U.S. is losing its position as a world leader.

We have attempted to teach and display our ways of diplomacy and democratic leadership. We have supported countries around the world with weapons training and financial aid yet gained no respect. Our country’s stature has fallen to the point that if something takes place the citizens of a foreign country dislike – they blame the United States and burn our flag and turn the weapons we supply on our troops.

Recently, our ambassador and men stationed in a foreign country to offer support and training were murdered presumably because of a film that appeared on YouTube was offensive to their beliefs. The film, not supported in any way by our country’s government, touched off a wave of riots. Innocent victims were killed; some were U.S. citizens who were providing assistance to new regimes. Family members of those whose lives were taken were interviewed on TV, they could not comprehend why their loved ones were killed, and it was heartbreaking.

Those of us who watch breaking news stations on TV can hardly believe what we see. Each hour of coverage is repetitious of the prior hour. Oftentimes, presentations are made that look like an entire country is at war yet the area depicted may be little more than a few blocks square. We’re told when a camera is set up; rioters carry on right in its immediate view with shots from various positions. Little do we know what the real extent of the demonstrations are.Whatever we are shown, most scenes are unbelievable.

The current conflicts were so concerning, President Obama and Mitt Romney actually agreed on something. Now that was extraordinary.

One of the most troubling facts regarding the riots throughout the world is: our country supports them by providing financial aid to many of the countries rioting. Weapons being used may actually have been provided by our country. As I watch the shooting, burning and bloodshed I wonder will our foreign aid funding replace the burnt out buildings and demolished vehicles. Will the millions, perhaps billions of U.S. dollars we provide accomplish rebuilding only to see it destroyed again?

The financial aid poured out to foreign countries could surely be used better in our own country. It could be used to rebuild our bridges, roads and other crumbling infrastructures.

If it was spent that way, our job market would immediately improve. As I see it, if the financial aid we provide to countries that are constantly in a state of unrest was spread among the needy in our country, continued foreclosures could be avoided and those deserving poor families living in old cars or tents could realize a more stable existence.

Money we borrow to give to foreign countries could surely be put to better use here in our country — perhaps to pay down our debt. Dollars we send abroad are seldom, if ever, repaid and our forgiving the debts does not seem to bring our country into favor. We can never move ahead by attempting to drag all the world’s conflicting countries on our coattails.

Let’s tell our politicians to spend whatever dollars we can gather here in the U.S. instead of sending it to those who offer no support or thankfulness to us. Keep in mind — many of the same rioters we see on TV would give anything to live in the country they blame for all the problems they face.



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